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Budget 2015-16

Budget 2015-16

Future Council.....our future thinking

This year will bring many changes for Birmingham City Council and those who use our services. There remain tough challenges ahead for the organisation in terms of staffing levels and service provision, and difficult decisions will have to be made. But plans for a Combined Authority are intended to see greater powers passed to the region through shared aims for economic growth and public service reforms.

We have long recognised that Birmingham's diversity and differing communities requires a local approach to the design of services. Therefore we are committed to our 'triple devolution' approach where matters are dealt with at the appropriate geographic level, whether that's the city-region; the whole city; or the local area. We believe local areas should have much more influence over local public services.

We are working across political parties and with the local community to develop future arrangements for how best to govern Birmingham.

We remain firmly committed to the goals of working with partners and Birmingham people to:

  • Create a fair city, where people are safe; people are not excluded from opportunities or services because of their background or where they live; and older people are cared for with dignity in their own community
  • Build a prosperous city, where local entrepreneurs can thrive; inward investment is attracted and there is a highly skilled workforce; a smart, green and sustainable city with excellent connectivity
  • Promote a democratic city, where everyone has a duty to contribute to civic life and a right to be heard as equals; where public services are accountable and focus on the 'whole place' and the 'whole person'; where citizens work together to look after each other

Within these goals our top priority is protecting Birmingham children. But because of ongoing financial pressures, some other services may have to be scaled down or cease altogether as reductions in government grants continue.

The Future Council

We are in a period of unprecedented change for local government, for Birmingham City Council and its partners. Local government, and how local public services are being delivered, is being re-shaped - and we see Birmingham at the forefront of this development.

As part of our planning, we've incorporated the findings of government reviews over the last year and specific action plans to address recommendations have been drafted, published or are already being implemented.

The Council needs to develop a new way of working for Birmingham in partnership with other public services, sectors and local communities and the wider region. We are therefore radically changing how we work with local people and partners to take forward the city vision. We are developing our approach which will be delivered by the Future Council Programme.

During 2015, we will actively engage with local people and partners to develop:

  • The future role of the council and its relationship with partners and local people to deliver services innovatively and cost effectively in communities
  • Clarity on the purpose and vision for the Council itself and a sustainable future operating model, and an outcomes-driven financial plan for the next five years
  • Clear values for the way all our staff and members work together and with partners and communities
  • Improved alignment of resources, policy making, service delivery, governance, roles and responsibilities
  • Sufficient senior leadership capacity to transform the organisation and deliver sustainable change.

Council Tax

There will be a rise of 1.99 per cent in the city council's element of the council tax for 2015-16.

Standing up for Birmingham

We welcome your ideas for doing things differently and the contribution that all communities, individuals, businesses and voluntary organisations can make.

You can find out more about Standing up for Birmingham by visiting www.standingupforbirmingham.wordpress.com