Pre-registration of death

To complete this form you should be one of these people:

  • a relative by blood, marriage or adoption of the person who died
  • a person who is not related but was present at the death
  • a person who is arranging the funeral
  • a care home manager

If you are not one of these people, do not complete this form.

You will need some information to complete this form.

For the person who has died:

  • the date and place of their death
  • their full name with correct spelling
  • their previous or alternative names, which includes a maiden name if applicable – this is the surname of a woman before her first marriage
  • their current or last occupation or main trade and if they are retired, for example: Carpenter (retired)
  • if they were married, their husband or wife or registered civil partner’s full name and occupation and if they are retired – this includes people who are separated but not divorced
  • their full postal address including postcode, or the name and address of their care or nursing home

About you:

  • your full name and postal address
  • a daytime contact number
  • an email address you have access to

This form should be as accurate as possible, so that we can match up our records and the medical and/or coroner's records.

When we complete the death certificate with you, these details will be confirmed or changed if necessary.

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