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What happens next? | Places for People | Birmingham City Council

What happens next?

Projects funded by the Government’s Emergency Active Travel Fund (tranche 1) need to be delivered quickly, on a temporary basis at first, as part of our low carbon, clean air recovery after COVID-19 lockdown. This means that our first schemes all need to be started in July 2020 and completed by August 2020.

The emergency nature of this situation will mean changes to how we usually consult, but we do want to hear from people and for their views to shape what happens in future. We will keep people informed about what is happening in these areas and why, and we will invite comment on measures once these are in place to ask how they are working and whether they should continue.

One way this will be done is through a new Commonplace website for Birmingham where you can give feedback on these schemes and make suggestions for other changes that could be introduced.