Kings Heath and Moseley

We would again like to thank everyone who responded to the public consultation on Kings Heath & Moseley Places for People, held in late 2021. Thank you also for your patience in allowing us the time to carefully consider the responses and representations received and to formulate a way forward.

From the beginning, this project has seen strong feelings expressed from a range of perspectives. We are conscious that there is no one solution which will satisfy everyone in the area. In general, people in the community agree that action needs to be taken to reduce carbon emissions, air pollution and congestion, but the difficult question is how this should be done. The responses to this consultation show that the options we presented have some but not full support from people in the area.

We are very clear that doing nothing is not an option. To reach net zero carbon, to improve air quality and to enable our growing population to travel around the city efficiently, we must take action to reduce trips taken by private car.

A decision about the measures currently in place needs to be taken before 22 April, when the current, Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders will expire. We are planning, at that time to convert these into full Traffic Regulation Orders, with the current measures remaining in place as a ‘holding position’. However, in the summer, we will take detailed plans for the whole area to the Council’s Cabinet to ask for their approval to implement a revised area wide scheme.

A number of key concerns were raised at consultation, and the revised scheme seeks to mitigate for these. For example, speeding traffic was noted across the area, so we will bring in new 20mph speed limits and add physical traffic calming to Billesley Lane. Traffic on Vicarage Road was raised by many people; our revised scheme will allow for the right turn into A435 Alcester Road to be re-opened to general traffic and will include upgrades to the signals at the Red Lion junction.

Many consultation responses also indicated a preference for one-way streets over modal filters. In response, the revised scheme has fewer modal filters, with one-way street used instead where possible.

Respondents also noted that on-street parking on the High Street is still suspended using temporary barriers and have asked for a permanent solution. We will permanently widen the footway in these locations, with provision for loading where business need has been identified.

This way forward has been considered carefully and extensively by officers and the Kings Heath and Moseley Places for People Project Board (local Councillors and MPs) and we believe this represents an appropriate balance between responding to the consultation feedback and carrying out our duties to implement very necessary policies to respond to the climate emergency, reduce car trips and enable active travel in local neighbourhoods.

Will continue to engage with the local community, including residents, businesses and local representatives, and the Project Board will continue to oversee the project as we work together to shape Places for People in Kings Heath and Moseley, and to develop an exemplar which can rolled out in other parts of Birmingham.

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