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Photograph of resident 20 mph campaign

Toolkit for community groups

Community groups are at the centre of our diverse neighbourhoods. Bringing different residents together in this way presents the perfect opportunity to discuss community issues that are important to all, and makes it easy to collaborate and achieve change. Just like you, our top priority is helping to reduce speeds and make our roads safer for everybody in our communities, and collectively, we can do it!

Collaborating together from the beating hearts of our communities, in our groups, is the driving force forwards towards pinpointing areas of concern. In this way, we can all work together to both influence and educate others about the benefits of maintaining 20mph.

Whether you’re a faith, fitness or friends community group, no matter how big or small, there are some easy and effective ways that you can get involved!

Ready to inspire your communities? Download our toolkit and help to make Birmingham safer and more pleasant for all.

Download your toolkit

Watch the video below of the Balsall Heath "slower is safer" carnival for inspiring ideas to involve your community.

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