Birmingham City Council financial challenges - time to Reset

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Toolkit for residents

We all want and have the right to live in communities that are both safe and pleasant. Just like you, we not only want to protect our families but also our neighbours and friends. We want to know that as a community, our elderly members can safely cross over the roads when popping to the shops. Or have peace of mind that our teens can travel safely to school without us ‘embarrassing’ adults in tow.

But when cars persistently drive too fast down the streets where we live, work and shop it is not only annoying but worse still, dangerous and antisocial.

Without your support and the support of people like you, change will never happen. Being a resident brings power. The power to lead by example and to bring others together to achieve the same goals.

Together, Birmingham's residents can influence and consequently educate each other about the importance of maintaining a 20mph speed limit on the roads in their communities.

Need some inspiration on how you can bring down speeds in your area? Our toolkits were created just for you!

Download your toolkit

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