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Photograph of 20mph campaign at Park Hill primary school

Toolkit for schools

Schools are at the heart of our communities. With this unique position comes the ability to positively teach and influence our little ones, (and their grown ups) about the importance of slowing down and achieving safer speeds.

It’s important to remember that schools are nurturing a host of future road users. Educating them about 20mph as children, is embedding them with important, knowledge for the future. Kids are also a strong driving force in encouraging drivers to positively change their ways.

Download your toolkit

Watch the powerful Kid’s Court video below featuring schools children asking tough questions to drivers who’ve broken the 20mph speed limit.

A video featuring local school children was also produced and is used to deliver the message to speeding drivers in a similar way to the Kids Court, when West Midlands Police are out on location delivering roadside education/enforcement activities.

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