Dartmouth Middleway proposed junction improvements

Birmingham City Council has initiated a programme of work which will encourage air quality improvements in and around the city centre. The overarching aim is to influence those travelling into, through and around the city centre to use alternative modes of transport, having a positive impact on the city’s air quality and ultimately achieving the vision of reducing traffic and increasing pedestrianised areas.

In support of the main Clear Air Zone, a number of traffic management schemes have been identified. One of these is the proposed closure of the central reservation - except for buses and cyclists, at Lister Street/Great Lister Street/Dartmouth Middleway junction.

The proposal will:

  • remove the right turning movements for traffic from all arms of the Dartmouth Middleway/Lister Street/Great Lister Street junction to improve the traffic flow on the Middleway
  • enable buses and cyclists to continue to travel in both directions between Lister Street and Great Lister Street through the proposed bus gate
  • assist the movement of cyclists around the junction with the installation of toucan crossing facilities

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Page last updated: 13 September 2022

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