Southside Public Realm improvements

The main objectives of the Southside Public Realm Scheme are to transform a section of Hurst St from a highway corridor to a pedestrianised public events space in the heart of the Southside District and improve connectivity between New Street Station and the Birmingham Smithfield development.

The images below illustrate the transformation from a former busy congested highway corridor to a pedestrianised area in 2022 undertaken as part of an initial ‘Interim’ scheme.

The interim scheme provided a consistent and upgraded street scene from New Street Station to Southside District and was completed ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

The development included:

  • replacement footway surfacing on upper Hurst St and Hill St with contrast bands of paving
  • provided a uniform level paving surface to create a public events space in Hippodrome Square, with a feature rainbow applied to the new public Hippodrome Square
  • the provision of new CCTV and security rated hostile vehicle mitigation measures

Photograph of Hurst Street in Birmingham in 2009

Hurst Street in Birmingham, 2009

A photograph of Hurst Street in Birmingham in 2022


Hurst Street in Birmingham, 2022

Artist's impression of the new view from Hurst Street towards the Hippodrome Theatre.

An artist interpretation of Hurst Street, Birmingham in the future

Page last updated: 11 July 2023

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