Walking, cycling, and public transport are vital tools in the difficult tasks of solving congestion, air quality and our climate crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has also changed people's habits and further highlighted the importance of walking and cycling as safe and sustainable ways to travel.

Over the next five years, lots of new housing will be built near Dudley Road, increasing the number of people wanting to travel in the area.

We are therefore planning to improve the A457 Dudley Road to:

  • upgrade facilities for pedestrians and cyclists
  • provide new bus lanes
  • reduce traffic congestion through junctions

The scheme includes upgraded junctions, new bus lanes, new segregated cycle routes, widened footways and a new footbridge alongside Spring Hill Canal Bridge.

The Dudley Road Transport Improvement Scheme is supported by £19.94m from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund.

The cabinet report and approval for the main scheme took place in March 2022.

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