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The city council’s role

All design and development work is being undertaken by HS2 Ltd, with the full support of the city council.

We have regular meetings with HS2 Ltd, which other organisations such as Transport for West Midlands also attend. We also chair the Birmingham Curzon Station group (please see Engagement for more information).

To avoid duplication of effort or undermining of any work being done by HS2 Ltd, our work, including our statutory duties (such as responding formally to all HS2 consultations), is being undertaken in partnership.

The majority of technical work the city council is currently involved with on HS2 is led by HS2 Ltd and their agents. This includes:

  • Working closely on railway and highway design issues, feeding into and commenting on emerging designs and providing technical and local knowledge.
  • Providing information held by the city council ranging from land ownership to traffic data.
  • Working at a detailed level providing relevant input to the Hybrid Bill petitioning process, ranging from the historic environment to social impacts.
  • Discussing and negotiating with HS2 Ltd and other partners during the Hybrid Bill Process.
  • Working closely with local stakeholder teams building a picture of local communities and stakeholders at all levels, providing contacts and keeping an overview of engagement.
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