Birmingham City Council financial challenges - time to Reset

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How does it work?

The principle of Places for People is that residents can continue to drive onto their street, have visitors, get deliveries, etc, but it is made harder or impossible to drive through the area.

Low traffic neighbourhoods are groups of residential streets bordered by main or “distributor” roads (where non-local traffic should be) where through trips by motor vehicles is discouraged or removed.

There are many ways that through traffic can be discouraged. The main one is to use a “modal filter” which prevents motorised vehicles (cars etc.) from driving through a section of road but still allows people to pass through on foot or by bike. This is done by placing some sort of barrier (e.g. bollards, planters or gates) at strategic points around the neighbourhood.

We know some people live on main roads too, and it is important to consider other measures to reduce traffic and improve air quality outside their homes, as well as making these roads safer to cross or cycle along.

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