The future vision will be secured through the delivery of four principles:

Reallocating road space

The allocation of road space will change away from single occupancy private cars to support the delivery of a public transport system fit for a global city, fundamentally changing the way that people and goods move around the city.

Transforming the city centre

The city centre of Birmingham will be transformed through the creation of a network of pedestrian streets and public spaces integrated with public transport services and cycling infrastructure. Access to the city centre for private cars will be limited with no through trips. This includes looking at different options for the central section of the A38 including re-routing it to an upgraded ring road.

Prioritising active travel in local neighbourhoods

Active travel – walking and cycling – will become how most people get around their locality most of the time. Cars will no longer dominate street life around homes and schools. A limit of 20mph will be standard on all local roads. Residential neighbourhoods and local centres will be places where people are put first.

Managing demand through parking measures

Parking will be used as a means to manage demand for travel by car through availability, pricing and restrictions. Where development potential exists, land currently occupied by car parking will be put to more productive use.

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