Noticeboard - 13 June 2024

Welcome to this week's noticeboard containing a message from Dr Sue Harrison, details on a secondment opportunities for School Lead Practitioner roles, Booking information for Chairs and Vice Chairs of Governors/Trustees for the Summer Briefing, and more.

Included in this week's noticeboard: 

Message from Dr Sue Harrison, Strategic Director for Children and Families

Dear colleagues

I hope you’ve enjoyed a good week, and that our unpredictable weather hasn’t been too disruptive to all the great outdoor learning you have planned.

We were overjoyed to hear that on Wednesday evening, Birmingham Children’s Trust won the Children’s Services Award at the Local Government Chronicle Awards. Well-deserved recognition for the past few years of improvement.  Many congratulations to all our colleagues at the Trust, and the judges’ heartfelt words really do say it all:

We were wowed by the Trust's unwavering commitment to driving change in even the most challenging circumstances. By embracing a holistic approach and centring the voices of children and youth, they have fostered a culture of inclusivity and empowerment. Through collaborative efforts with partners and the Council, they have navigated external challenges seamlessly, showcasing the transformative impact of their work through what can only be described as a powerful presentation showcasing real-life experiences. Their dedication serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that positive change is not only achievable but essential in creating a better future for all.”

We are all too aware of our current challenges in Birmingham and this award is a timely reminder that we can deliver our vision for great services for families, despite the obstacles that may be in the way.  BCT has exemplified a relentless focus on delivering great services for our children and their families and are indeed a ‘beacon of hope’. 

I was delighted to read the fabulous feedback the Birmingham Careers Service is receiving on their traded services, and wanted to share it with you – Birmingham Careers Service Feedback. Schools and colleges can buy-in to some brilliant services delivered by the Careers team to ensure they meet their statutory responsibilities to provide independent, impartial careers guidance for their students from year 7 upwards. This academic year the team has worked in some 36 schools, special schools, alternative provision providers, colleges and specialist colleges. You can find out more their offer here: CIAG Traded – Birmingham Careers Service, and please do get in touch with the team if you’d like to discuss anything in more detail:

Helen Ellis and I very much enjoyed our visit to Yardley Wood Community School on Wednesday morning. The school has a really positive and proactive approach to supporting children with special educational needs and the commitment to inclusion is clear. Children with SEND enjoy the school’s Rainbow Room where they are provided with specialist support and all pupils benefit from the Forest School and an inspiring, well equipped playground which even has gym equipment. Colleagues from Education Infrastructure will be discussing with the school what adjustments can be made to their building to further support them and their pupils with additional needs. Thank you to Rosie and team for everything they do under such challenging circumstances and always putting the children first.

A reminder that we’ll be hosting several sessions for schools to provide further updates on the Oracle Finance, Payroll and HR System. The first is an in person meeting  for Non-chequebook and EPA schools on Wednesday, 19 June at Bellfield Junior School in Northfield. This session will run from 14:00-15:00 and there’s still time to register if you haven’t already done so – Registration: Oracle in-person meeting for non-chequebook and EPA schools

Two webinar sessions will then follow on Friday, 21 June for Chequebook schools at 11:00-11:30 (join the meeting here: Oracle webinar for cheque book schools); and for Academies at 11:45-12:15 (join the meeting here: Oracle Webinar for Academies).

We’ll be publishing  an Update and Q&A document fortnightly via Noticeboard and please don’t forget to check out the dates for the informal drop-in sessions hosted by Chris Etheridge and council officers. If you have any queries in the meantime, please continue to direct them to

It’s always a pleasure to attend the Schools Fora and this week council officers were pleased to present updates at both Special and Primary meetings. It also provided an opportunity to gain input on the proposed format for the calendar of events we’re creating, which will be sent to schools at the end of June.

Thank you as always for everything you do for our children and families. I hope you have a lovely weekend when it arrives. Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak to those celebrating!


Secondment Opportunities - School Lead Practitioner Roles

Trauma Informed Attachment Aware Schools and Settings (TIAAS)

TIAAS is a whole school development programme which focuses on changing practice within schools to develop universal approaches to promote the development and well-being of all children and staff. At the heart of our TIAAS programme are the principles of:

  • prioritising relationships in all that we do
  • recognising that a sense of safety is the foundation of all learning and exploration; seeing behaviour as communication
  • seeking to regulate before using reasoning and making space for reparation
  • recognising all emotions and offering empathy to all
  • being curious about the experiences of families and what that means for them

As the TIAAS programme continues to grow and following last year’s pilot, we are expanding the  number of school Lead TIAAS Practitioners across the city to strengthen school to school support within the TIAAS model and increase the capacity for implementation. As such we have up to three exciting secondment opportunities for a school leader experienced in TIAAS within a secondary school,  primary or special school.

We are looking for school leaders who have successfully implemented TIAAS approaches in their school and have experience in overcoming the barriers that schools can face in developing the principles of TIAAS into everyday practice in their school. This leader will be actively engaged in TIAAS networks and will have prior experience of school to school led practice improvement.

The successful candidate will work in partnership with Birmingham Virtual School, our currently seconded TIAAS Lead Practitioner Alix Etheridge (Deputy Headteacher at Colmore Infants), our Education Psychology Service, schools and other education settings across the city.

The number of days can be negotiated, but we are looking for up to the equivalent of 1 day a week in school term time as a maximum (approx. 38 days at school’s daily staff rate) and the school you are currently working in must be prepared to host visits from other schools embarking on their TIAAS journey. 

The lead practitioner will be inducted and supported by Alix, the Virtual School and EPS, but will need to be independent, able to manage their time effectively and be a highly effective communicator.

In order to express your interest for this secondment, please talk to your Headteacher to gain permission to apply and then complete the Expression of Interest Form, in no more than 1500 words to articulate your vision for the following:

  • how you see the TIAAS programme developing in the city
  • how a lead learning school partner for TIAAS might operate within the city
  • the impact a lead learning partner could make to outcomes for children and young people in Birmingham.

Please note the closing date of Thursday, 28 June 2024.

The interview date is provisionally set for the morning of Thursday, 4 July 2024 on Microsoft Teams (depending on availability of shortlisted candidates).

For any queries in advance of application please contact Alix Etheridge, TIAAS School Lead Practitioner at, or Lisa Smith, Birmingham Virtual School Headteacher at

Risk of NEET Students - Years 11, 12 and 13

Birmingham Careers Service RONI (Risk of NEET) Offer 2024 

Careers Leads are invited to submit a fully completed referral form for any 2024 leaver they consider is at risk of not progressing into education, employment or training.

For full details and a referral form - please visit:

Please be aware this does not replace the school's statutory duty to provide impartial and independent careers guidance.

Summer Briefing for Chairs and Vice Chairs of Governors/Trustees

Saturday, 22 June 2024: 09:30-12:30 - Edgbaston Stadium, Edgbaston Road B5 7QU

This in-person briefing will include presentations from:

  • Dr Sue Harrison, Strategic Director for Children and Families, Birmingham City Council: Sue is looking forward to this opportunity to meet governors and explain the work being done to co-create a balanced education system where every head teacher has a voice, and what the LA school improvement offer will look like for the next academic year.
  • Edwina Langley MBE, Lead Attendance Officer, Birmingham City Council: Edwina will present on the new statutory Working together to improve school attendance guidance and the changes that governing boards will need to be aware of.

More information about the event can be found here:

Places can be booked either by the school office using their regular BESS log-in, or simply email School & Governor Support at

We very much look forward to seeing you. 

REMINDER - 2024 Data Collections for EYFSP, Phonics, KS1 (optional) and KS2

The website has now been updated with all the necessary documentation regarding the statutory and optional Key stage 1 collections, how to submit assessments and online confirmation forms.

Please see the link 'Deadlines Poster 2024' for the deadlines for each key stage assessment return.

Please note, ALL schools are required to submit final returns and confirmation forms by the stated deadlines, for EYFSP, Phonics and optional Key stage 1. Any files received after the deadlines may not be validated before being submitted to the DfE and schools may not receive reports in a timely manner and could mean your schools result's will not be included in the DfE statistical publications for EYFSP and Phonics.

All schools will submit their CTF containing the assessments to the LA using File Request (Perspective Lite) or Anycomms+

Please ensure that your school can log in to this before the collections begin during the second half of the 2024 Summer term.

Please note Key stage 2 assessment will need to be submitted to STA via Primary Assessment Gateway.

Ordinarily Available Guidance – Project Working with Parents and Carers

We are working with a number of schools around a Parent/Carer project on Birmingham’s Ordinarily Available Guidance document. The project is being delivered through the SEND Advisory teams in partnership with the Parent Carer Forum.

If you have established parent/carer groups in your school and are interested in being involved in the project, then we are holding an online information session on Tuesday 18 June 2024 that you are very welcome to attend. The session is also open to schools who are at the early stages in developing parent carer partnership working.

The session will give an overview of the purpose of the project, some planned activities and will consider potential next steps during the Autumn term that could be tailored to your school and parents/carers.

The meeting will be online over Microsoft Teams on Tuesday, 18 June at 14:00. If you haven’t yet signed up and would like to know more, then please contact Heather Wood at

REMINDER - Religious Education in Birmingham Survey

FAO: School Headteachers

Can we please ask schools to take a few minutes to complete a short survey regarding Religious Education. The information you provide will help us to refine our RE support for schools. To complete the survey simply follow this link, and please note the deadline for responses – Friday, 14 June 2024..

In case of queries please contact the team at

Birmingham City Council Housing Pathways

I want to do a Housing Application

  • Go to Birmingham Choice website . You will be asked for your NI number    
  • Complete part 1 of application to register         
  • Complete Part 2 of app (you will need previous addresses for 5 years)
  • Make sure you upload any documents that will evidence your housing need (consultant letters, CIN or CP plan etc)

If you failed to qualify call Registrations 0121 303 7410 as they can say why and reopen if appropriate

Tips for Housing apps

  • Exceptional need is when there is a risk to life or of serious harm and will normally need a Tier 1 from police. This won’t be considered if incidents or threats are not reported.
  • Medical - must be a medical condition that is being made worse by your current property
  • If a child needs a separate bedroom due to any medical condition, this needs to be evidenced by a medical professional
  • Child in Need – this is any child with an allocated Social Worker
  • ASB – if BCC property this must be reported to the ASB team 0121 464 4700 or online:

I am homeless now or know I will be soon

  • Contact the BCC Homeless Team (to do a homeless application) on 0121 303 7410. They are doing apps over the phone during Covid-19.
  • If you are roofless on the day, they will arrange TA for you. This may well be outside Birmingham as TA properties are in very short supply. They have 56 days to assess the case and whether they are genuinely homeless. If they are found as ‘intentionally homeless’ they won’t be able to join the housing register unless they have another housing need.
  • If the homeless team take a homeless application, they will issue a letter with a homeless reference on it. This reference needs to be added to the Housing app. If it isn’t added, then ‘homeless priority’ Band 2 won’t be added.
  • A homeless application can be made even if you aren’t roofless, as BCC can give ‘prevention duty’ and they will try to prevent the homelessness from happening. Evidence is needed in the form of a letter from the landlord or a possession order etc. Again, a housing app needs to be done as well.

My housing app has closed. What do I do?

Call Registrations on 0121 303 7410 as they can see what the reason is and potentially open it up again for changes to be made. They can also reset passwords.

I’ve got rent arrears but want to join BCC Housing Register

  • For a current BCC tenancy call Rents Team 0121 675 2006 to set up a repayment plan
  • If the arrears are from a previous BCC tenancy call Former Tenancy Rent Team on 0121 303 3173 to set up a repayment plan
  • If the arrears are from a TA property call TA Finance on 0121 675 5535
  • If its from a Private tenancy, then evidence is needed to show that a repayment plan is being adhered to. This could be a bank statement.

Once the repayment plan has been adhered to for at least 3 months then a Housing app can be done. If the arrears are significant (£2000 plus) allow longer before doing a housing app. You will not be accepted onto the Housing Register with any arrears unless there is a repayment plan.

I have got problems with my landlord

BCC has a team that can support tenants with rogue landlords, longstanding repairs issues, environmental issues.

  • Call the Private Tenancy Unit on 0121 303 5070

My BCC property is in disrepair with rats or mice

  • All repairs need to be reported to 0121 216 3330. If it is a health and safety risk (Front door lock broken etc) then an urgent repair can be requested, and they will aim to get it done within 2 hours
  • Call Pest Control on 0121 303 6007
  • For Environmental Health call 0121 303 1112

I am having problems with my neighbour

BCC Housing advice portal: Start | Housing Advice | Birmingham City Council (

Drowning Prevention Week 2024

Saturday, 15 to Saturday 22 June 2024 

Drowning Prevention Week (DPW) is one of the largest summer water safety campaigns across the UK and Ireland

DPW is the Royal Life Saving Society UK's biggest campaign of the year, targeting families, carers, teachers and instructors of children aged five to fifteen years old with the aim of educating them about water safety.

No child should drown, and with the right water safety education – such as knowledge of the Water Safety Code – accidental drownings are preventable. Drowning Prevention Week is deliberately timed ahead of the school summer holidays when children spend more time outdoors and when vital water safety skills can help keep children safe.

Please help to spread the word this year and encourage everyone to have the water safety conversation with children. DPW is critical in raising awareness and encouraging the public to enjoy water safely.

Schools can download FREE water education resources as this link.



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