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Bournville Village Conservation Area

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Bournville Village

Bournville Village was designated as a conservation area in 1971. The original boundary has been extended a number of times since to encourage the protection and enhancement of the architectural and historic interest in the area.

The village was built by George Cadbury to house workers from the Cadbury Chocolate Factory and was used to further his ideas of social reform. The village included well built generously sized houses, shops, a school and other community facilities.

In 1994 we restricted the types of work often permitted without planning permission to retain the character of the area. This is known as an Article 4 Direction. It means that planning permission is required from us to, for example, paint the outside of the building, or erect external walls, fences, satellite dishes etc.

To help understand our requirements if you are making any changes to the properties within the conservation area we produced a design guide for the area in 1997.

A map showing the boundary of the conservation area is below along with the designation report and details of the Article 4 Direction

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Last Updated: 24th March 2014