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Lord Mayor's Award

Call for Nominations for the Lord Mayor’s Award

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham, invites the people of Birmingham and the surrounding neighbourhoods to nominate an individual, a group of individuals (or an organisation) living, working or based in Birmingham for the City of Birmingham’s Lord Mayor’s Award.

The overriding principle of the Lord Mayor’s Award is that it is based on merit and this is defined as “outstanding achievement or exceptional service to the City and people of Birmingham”. No Councillor, past or present, will be eligible for the Award and the Award will not be given to any person(s) for services rendered to or for any Political Party or related organisation.

The Lord Mayor’s Award will not be made simply for a job well done or because someone has reached a particular level. The Award will recognise “going the extra mile” in the contribution that has been made and the person(s) nominated should readily be distinguishable and stand out from their peers in what they have achieved for the City of Birmingham.

Accordingly, consideration for the Award will be given to individual(s) or organisation(s) who, through their sustained endeavours, initiative and dedication:

  • improved the reputation or benefited the perception or fabric of the City of Birmingham;
  • benefited a significant number of the people in Birmingham or improved their lives;
  • represent outstanding examples of selfless service to the City of Birmingham and its citizens;
  • command the respect of their peers and who are exceptional role models in their field; or
  • ‘against the odds’ demonstrated great moral courage and loyalty to the City and people of Birmingham.

Nominations must be submitted on the attached form by February 28th each year. Completed forms should be returned to the Lord Mayor’s Office, Council House, Birmingham B1 1BB, or emailed to Lord.Mayor@birmingham.gov.uk.

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