Noticeboard - 14 March 2024

This week's noticeboard contains information on Schools Forum Elections, Clean Air Zone Minibus Exemptions, Annual Statutory Compliance Returns, Early Education Entitlement and more.

Included in this week's noticeboard:

End of Financial Year Procedures 2023/24

The final date for submitting year end accruals is Friday, 19 April 2024, and we’d appreciate your support in advising all staff involved in the closedown process.

If schools have any queries in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at

With many thanks for your continued support - School Finance Team

Schools Forum Elections

School & Governor Support would like to thank Birmingham governors Mashuq Ally, Sean Delaney, Pamela Garrington, Gillian Gregory, Alex James and Madaline Popa who have been successfully elected to Schools Forum. 

Schools Forum is a consultative group made up of headteachers, governors, trade unions, the diocesan authorities and Early Years providers. The Forum advises the Council on matters affecting school funding, including school budgets.

There is still one vacancy on the Forum for a maintained secondary school governor. If you are interested in finding out more about the position, please email

Clean Air Zone School Minibus Exemption

FAO: Headteacher/ School Administration Team

Community and school transport vehicles are exempt from the Clean Air Zone charge. However, the exemption is not automatic and must be applied for. 

If schools have a School Minibus that is non-compliant then they are eligible to apply for the exemption which will last until the 31st May 2024 in the first instance.   

The evidence required to support the application is the V5C Document showing the registered keeper details and vehicle registration alongside the section 19 or 22 permit documentation.

Please disregard this message if you currently hold an exemption as you will have received a communication direct from the Clean Air Zone Team and will be provided with the details of the upcoming renewal window which will be prior to the expiry date of the 31st May 2024.

Applications can be submitted using this link Community and school transport | Apply for an exemption | Brum Breathes

Birmingham SENCo Noticeboard - Update for SENCos and SEND Leads in Schools and Settings

The next half termly update for all SENCos and SEND leads across the sector has been issued today, sharing messages and information around SEND as part of our improved SEND communication framework. You can access the noticeboard at this link: SENCo noticeboard

If your SENCo/SEND lead has not received an email alert from the Local Offer taking them to the SENCo Noticeboard then please get in touch with Heather Wood at to make sure they are added to the circulation list.

Annual Statutory Compliance Return 

We are aware of concerns raised regarding the Annual Statutory Compliance Return and the deadline of Thursday 28th March 2024 being held during the Easter holidays.

The return can be completed at any point prior to the deadline and schools are not required to complete it during the holidays or wait until the final day.

However, due to the confusion, the Statutory Compliance Return deadline will be extended after the Easter Holidays to provide schools with a further opportunity for completion. A new link will be provided and posted to the noticeboard after the current deadline has passed.

The Annual Statutory Compliance Return is still live and can be accessed using this link

Early Education Entitlement

2 Year Funded Place - Early Education Entitlement

Before a disadvantaged 2 year Early Education Entitlement (EEE) place is offered, please ensure that the 2 year old child is eligible. A parent (or provider on the parents behalf with permission) should complete an eligibility application to confirm eligibility by using this link

Every application generates a code or reference number - it's important you keep a note of this code for audit purposes. If the code is eligible then a place can be offered, however the eligibility checker does not always confirm eligibility so if it doesn't, you will need to view evidence of eligibility, complete the Eligibility Override Request Form (on EYMIS) and email it to:

Once the EEE team have amended the application to eligible you will receive email confirmation so that the place can be offered. For children starting before headcount please make sure that you submit any override requests before 16th May 2024. You should not offer places or submit claims for children whose eligibility has not been confirmed. For children starting after headcount please follow the flexible or exceptional agreement process.

Disadvantaged 2 year olds can get a EEE funded place if they live in England and meet the 2 year eligibility criteria which can be found here

If providers would like to promote 2 year funding to parents, please feel free to use this video

For the new working entitlement for 2 year olds, please refer parents to the Childcare Choices.

2 Year old Working Entitlement - Early Education Entitlement

The new offers for Early Education Entitlements are being phased in during 2024 / 2025. The first phase starts from April 2024 where eligible working parents of 2 year olds will be able to access 15 hours of working entitlement and here is what you need to know.

The introduction of the working offer does not mean that 2 year funding is for every 2 year old as it is NOT a universal offer – there will still be families who do not qualify for either of the 2 year old offers, for example, where only one parent works in a family or where parents do not meet, or they exceed the income thresholds.

From April 2024 2 year olds will be eligible if:

Working Entitlement Overview

  • The working eligibility criteria and application process will be the same as the current 30 hours for working parents of 3 and 4 year olds
  • Parents can apply now - applications will need to be made directly to HMRC. You can signpost parents to where the most up to date information will be made available to support parents.
  • Parents will need to apply for and receive their eligibility code on or before 31st March 2024 to be able to access the 15 working hours entitlement from 1st April 2024. Encourage parents to apply early in case they need to provide any additional information to HMRC to support their application!
  • An eligible 2 year old can access their place from the term after they turn 2 years old as long as they have their code in time.
  • Providers will be required to check the codes are eligible for the term being applied for, using ECS
  • Please do not allow children to access their entitlement until you have confirmed that they are eligible to do so.
  • Providers will be required to submit the codes on their census claims.
  • There may be a very small number of families eligible for 2 year funding under the current disadvantaged eligibility criteria who may also be eligible for the 15 hours working entitlement. These parents can only claim 15 hours in total and cannot claim both elements. These parents should be encouraged to remain on the current disadvantaged entitlement until they can apply for 30 hours working entitlement.
  • Parents who have recently reconfirmed their Tax Free Childcare accounts and now wish to apply for the 2 year old working entitlement, may have to wait until their next reconfirmation date to enable them to do this. DFE have recognised that this may cause concern for some parents whose reconfirmation dates are late February / March. If a parents reconfirmation date is on or after 15th February 2024 then they will receive a letter from HMRC with a temporary code to enable them to access a working entitlement place. Parents do not need to contact HMRC – they will automatically receive the letter.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the EEE team:

Birmingham Community Healthcare Plus Occupational Therapy Service

FAO: SENCO/Head Teacher

Birmingham Community Healthcare (BCHC) Plus Occupational Therapists work with children and young people to help them achieve their full potential in activities of daily living that they need, want, or are expected to participate in. These activities include washing, dressing, feeding, toileting, school-based activities such as handwriting and play based activities. We provide additional services supplementing those currently available through locally commissioned NHS provision. This enables schools and other settings to purchase the Occupational Therapy Support their pupils need, providing scheduled dedicated time and support from a named therapist.

We are able to provide specialist 1:1 assessments of identified children; environmental assessments e.g. classroom/school hall/playground. Individual goals and treatment; screening and Identifying priority children; targeted whole school approach to improving occupational performance; supporting school staff to identify children that would benefit from specific interventions.

To find out more about how BCHC Plus can benefit your school; pupils; families and staff; please contact our BCHC Plus team on 0121 466266 or email

Our Occupational Therapy training portfolio is continually expanding so please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your particular needs or requests.

Pass the Baton – Anti-racism Festival

BMet and South and City College have teamed up with Birmingham Race Impact group to host a one-day festival promoting the importance of anti-racism.

The festival has its roots in the pressing need to combat racism, promote unity and hope by passing on the lessons of anti-racism to the next and future generation as custodians of the city.

The festival is being organised by BMet and South and City Students as part of work experience and will be taking place on Thursday, 25 April at the Crossing in Digbeth.

It’s believed that by coming together, a more inclusive, cohesive, equal, and equitable society can be created, where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. The day will be filled with powerful conversations, inspiring speakers, music, entertainment, and unforgettable moments. It's an opportunity to stand up against racism, champion unity, and be part of the change in the world.

The invite is extended to schools and colleges across the region.

If you would like to attend with up to five students with a teacher/tutor please email

Pet Welfare and Dog Safety Talks from Blue Cross Pet Charity

FAO Primary Headteachers and subject leaders:

Blue Cross pet charity offers free talks to Primary schools on all aspects of pet welfare. Ideal for science & safety weeks, and class topics on PHSE, animal care and habitats.

To book a Dog safety whole school assembly or class talks on What pets need, please visit our website and fill in a booking form.

  • What Pets Need - class talk for KS1 & 2
  • Pets and our Wellbeing - class talk for KS2 only
  • Safety Around Dogs - a whole school assembly (Reception - Yr 6)

For teaching and learning resources on pets for all ages:

To book a DBS checked speaker please get in touch. with the Education Team – Blue Cross at

Introduction to Shame Competence Webinar – 20 March 2024

Birmingham Community Safety Partnership would like to invite you to attend a FREE Introduction to Shame Competence webinar on Wednesday, 20 March 2024 between 10:00-12:00. The training will be delivered by Professor Luna Dolezal from the University of Exeter, who has developed this evidence-based training in collaboration with the Devon and Cornwall Police and the OPCC.

This is the first of four free Introduction to Shame Competence webinars. The Introduction to Shame Competence aims to enable individuals and organisations to begin to create and systematise nuanced and collaborative understandings of how shame is produced and experienced as a result of particular interactions, experiences, policies and practice, enhancing organisational and individual emotional intelligence, in order to understand the impacts and effects of shame within professional practice. Shame experienced in encounters with professionals, such as healthcare workers, police, social workers and other care professionals, can lead to withdrawal, avoidance, inaccurate disclosures and other forms of disengagement. Shame also impacts professionals, and evidence shows that shame is related to burnout, stress and trauma.

This 2-hour introductory online session looks to Introduce you to how shame is a strong driver of decision-making and behaviour, and as a result is a significant force to consider when delivering services such as teaching among other services.

For further details or to book your place at the FREE Introduction to Shame Competence webinar, please follow this link

Spaces are limited to 75 so please sign up quickly to avoid disappointment. 

HR Services for Schools Training Events

Why hold a return to work meeting? -  Tuesday 16 April 2024 @ 10.00 am – 11.00 am  Microsoft Teams. This session will help delegates understand why, when and how they need to carry out a return to work meeting with employees who have been absent due to sickness.

Overview of the Managing Attendance procedure - Wednesday 1 May 2024 @ 10.00 am – 11.00 am Microsoft Teams Understand the importance of managing staff attendance and when to apply the procedure in order to promote and maintain excellent staff attendance, health and wellbeing.

How to get the best out of your Occupational Health referral - Tuesday 14 May 2024 @ 10.00 am  – 11.00 am Microsoft Teams. Designed to help delegates to understand why and when an Occupational Health referral should be made and the key points to consider in order to get the best out of the process.

When does Special Leave apply? - Wednesday 12 June 2024 @ 10.00 am – 11.00 am Microsoft Teams. The session will help delegates to understand when and how the Special Leave of Absence Scheme is applied.

Dealing with difficult conversations - Thursday 27 June 2024 @ 10.00 am – 11.00 am Microsoft Teams. Understand what a difficult conversation is, why they are important to have, and practical advice (based on a case study) on how to put the theory into practice

For enquiries please contact

Services for Education

Interim Writing Moderation at KS1 – For Year 2 Teachers (Centre Based) Thursday 23rd April 2024. This shared moderation will be an opportunity for Year 2 teachers to ensure that assessments of writing are secure. Although now non-statutory, it is best practice to continue using the 2019 KS1 Teacher Assessment Framework to maintain rigour and make robust and accurate judgements at KS1. Book here

Teachers & Assessment Leaders Experienced in Year 2 – Essential Assessment Processes at the End of KS1 – (ONLINE) – Monday 18th March 2024: 13.00-16.00. Book here In today’s climate of non-statutory assessments at KS1, how do we ensure that our pupils remain on track, and that we assess accurately, fairly and in line with national expectations?  Let our experienced moderators and advisers ensure that your pupils remain on-track with accurate assessments as they leave KS1.

Teachers and Assessment Leaders New to Year 2 – Preparing for the Essential Assessment Processes at the End of KS1 (CENTRE BASED) – Wednesday 10th April 2024: 09.00-16.00. Book here

Assessment Briefings for Senior Leaders (ONLINE) - Wednesday 17th April 2024 This course will provide senior school leaders with essential information, guidance and updates regarding Statutory Assessment and key assessment issues at both local and national levels. 8.00-10.00 Book here & 14.00-16.00 Book here