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Traders Prosecuted - main page

Birmingham City Council aims to ensure that Birmingham is a healthy, safe and fair place for people to live, work, shop and play. Our officers from the Environmental Health and Trading Standards sections work closely with local traders to ensure that they understand what the law requires of them and that they comply with all of their legal obligations.

The vast majority of traders in Birmingham are responsible and try to provide the best service that they can for their customers. There are a minority of traders, however, who are not so responsible. Some may provide a poor level of service simply because they are careless, or do not take the time and trouble to ensure that they meet the minimum standards that the law requires of them. Others deliberately set out to cheat and defraud their customers. In such cases there is little choice but to use enforcement powers and take such traders to court in order to protect both consumers and the vast majority of honest traders that do comply with the law. Where enforcement action is taken then this is based on criteria set out in our Regulatory Services Enforcement Policy

The links below give details of traders, prosecuted by the City Council in respect of Environmental Health and Trading Standards offences in Birmingham, who have been taken to court during the 6 month period March 2014 to September 2014. Information provided includes the name of the person against whom the prosecution was brought, brief details of the offence and the penalty imposed by the courts. It is information which both consumers and traders alike may find of interest. Approval was given by the former Sustainability and Public Protection Advisory Team on 20th October 2000 to the publication of lists detailing traders prosecuted during the previous six months.

The fact that a trader's name does not appear on any of the lists does not necessarily mean that they are a responsible and trustworthy trader. Please also bear in mind when considering the prosecutions identified that they may refer to offences that could have been committed as long as two years ago. The information provided may not necessarily reflect the way that the trader performs today.

A range of Pre-shopping advice leaflets has been provided which gives information on avoiding problems including choosing a trader, internet shopping and much more. In the event that things do go wrong our Advice to Consumers page provides valuable information on what to do.

Should your enquiry relate to the actual prosecution procedures and arrangements then contact our Legal Proceedings Section who will be glad to help.