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Shopping & Local Centres Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

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Background to the SPD

Birmingham has a network of over 70 local centres across the city providing a range of shops, services and other related facilities to meet the needs of local communities. This Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) sets out detailed policies to encourage new investment into these centres, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining their attractiveness and viability.

The purpose of the SPD is to:

  • Define the boundaries of each local centre in Birmingham's hierarchy of shopping centres
  • Define the primary shopping area, where the main retail uses are concentrated
  • Set out policies to maintain the primary retail function of the centres.

The SPD replaced a variety of outdated local policies, setting out new city wide policies to prevent the over concentration of hot food take away shops in centres and in local shopping parades throughout the city. It is used when determining planning applications for new developments or changes of use in the city's local centres.

A draft document was published for consultation in November 2011. A summary of the comments received, and how the document changed as a result, is contained in the consultation statement below

The Adopted SPD

The SPD was adopted on 5th March 2012. A copy of the formal adoption statement is below along with the final version of the document.

While we were producing this SPD, we carried out a Sustainability Appraisal to ensure any potential social, economic or environmental impacts of the document were mitigated against.

Please note this document supersedes a number of older documents and policies. Those revoked documents are available here. Changes to policies in older documents are referred to on their specific webpage, on the Area Based Planning Policies page.

Annual Monitoring

We carry out annual surveys to identify the permitted types of retail uses and vacant properties in each of the Local Centres and their Primary Shopping Areas. This information is correct at 31st March 2014. Copies are available below for information.

Document Status : Statutory Policy Document - Adopted March 2012

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