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A Parking Policy for Birmingham

A new comprehensive parking policy document for Birmingham was approved by Cabinet in May 2010.

The policy outlines the council’s approach on a variety of parking issues, including parking enforcement and Park and Ride for commuters and other visitors to the city.

This is the first time that the elements of parking policy contained within different directorates within the council, namely the Local Transport Plan, the Development Plan and the Visions Transport Strategy, have been brought together to provide a comprehensive overview.

The new document provides an integrated policy framework for parking issues and highlights the links between different areas of the council, and also includes the city’s parking standards guidance as an Appendix.

The council has agreed that the draft parking standards will now be subject to statutory consultation, with a view to their adoption as a Supplementary Planning document, which will form an important element of the city’s Local Development Framework and support the emerging Core Strategy.

To date, Birmingham has generally applied the national standards set out in national planning policy. The new standards reflect the changes made to this policy, which allow authorities to consider local circumstances in determining the appropriate parking standards.

A more flexible standards policy is being adopted to ensure that local circumstances are taken into account and that parking problems are not exacerbated.

A Parking Policy for Birmingham

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