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Green Living Spaces Plan

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The Green Living Spaces Plan has been written to secure, enhance and ensure the effective long term maintenance of the city's natural green and water spaces, which are so essential for an adapted and healthy city.

The Plan introduces 7 key principles:-

  • An Adapted City
  • The City's Blue Network
  • A Healthy City
  • The City's Productive Landscapes
  • The City's Greenways
  • The City's Ecosystems
  • The City's Green Living Spaces

The Plan is written in support of the draft Your Green and Healthy City SPD (currently being drafted for consultation). It also supports the existing Parks and Open Space Strategy and the Nature Conservation Strategy.

The Plan was approved as informal guidance in September 2013. A copy of the document is below along with its appendices.

  • Appendix 1 represents a UK first - Birmingham is the first UK city to undertake a comprehensive ecosystem services assessment utilising the National Ecosystem Assessment methodology;

  • Appendix 2 represents a global first - Birmingham is the first city in the worldto utilise this same scientific methodology to construct a multiple challenge map of the city, showing the supply and demand for ecosystem services.

Document Status : Non Statutory Guidance - Approved September 2013

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Last Updated : 3rd October 2013