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Eastside Masterplan

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This document built upon the vision and broad principles for the future regeneration of Eastside as an "Area of Transformation" - established in the Big City Plan - City Centre Masterplan and Birmingham Development Plan

We took a fresh look at promoting Eastside and brought forward development opportunities in light of the proposed High Speed 2 line and station announced in 2010.

The masterplan was based on the creation of a “Sequence of Places” which sought to add a unique character to the area and deliver development opportunities to complete the regeneration of Eastside ensuring it continues to be a thriving part of the city centre.

Since producing the Eastside Masterplan in 2011, significant progress has been made in taking forward its proposals. The £8m Eastside City Park opened in 2012 and the first phase of the £180m Birmingham City University (BCU) opened in 2013, with the second phase opening in September 2015

We asked for your comments on this document in February / March 2012. The comments received confirmed our key objectives and approach. However, as a result the Eastside Masterplan will no longer be persued. We are developing the policies further to prepare the Birmingham Curzon HS2 Masterplan to take these opportunities further.

Document Status : Draft Guidance Document now superseded by the Birmingham Curzon HS2 Masterplan.

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Last Updated : 4th March 2014