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Kingstanding Wellbeing Centre

New FREE Be Active gym sessions starting now - Tuesday and Thursday mornings 7am - 9am


On Wednesday 13th July Kingstanding Wellbeing Centre will be closed for the annual staff conference from 7am-5.30pm. We will open at 5.30pm for the gym and fitness classes. The swimming pool and Toning tables will not be open during this time
We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause

Gain recognised qualifications that will assist you to find employment in Sport and Leisure. For more details or to book a place Please contact Mark Carberry on 0121 464 7890 or email mark_carberry@birmingham.gov.uk

Kingstanding Wellbeing Centre
Dulwich Road
B44 0EW

Telephone Number: 0121 464 7890
Email: kingstanding.lc@birmingham.gov.uk

Public transport: Bus 33, 68, 907

Parking: 70 free car parking spaces including 4 designated disabled spaces

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 7am - 9.00pm, Sat & Sun 8am - 5pm

Disabled facilities available at this site? Yes - For more detailed information please visitDisabled Go's access page for this site

See Essential Information below for further details about facilities, courses, prices and times relevant at this Leisure Centre.

Please contact the centre direct for information about discounts and Passport to Leisure.


  • Large free form leisure pool with waves and slides
  • Fitness Centre
  • Toning Suite
  • Two Sports Halls
  • Children's Party Room / Training / Conference / Meeting Rooms for Hire

We also run First Aid at Work and National Pool Lifeguard courses. Please contact the centre for further details.

Essential Information

  • Opening and Closing Times


    Opening Time

    Closing Time

    Monday - Friday









  • Pulse Point Gym Opening Times
    Day Adult Junior
    Monday to Friday 7.00am - 9.00pm 9.00am - 6.00pm
    Saturday 8.00am - 5.00pm 10.00am - 12 noon
    Sunday 8.00am - 5.00pm 2.00pm - 5.00pm
    Last ticket issued 1 hour before the close of centre
    14 - 16 year olds must bring proof of age and a letter of consent from parent or guardian to their initial session
    Ladies only sessions
    Day Opening Time Closing Time
    Monday 6.00pm 7.00pm

    Price Passport to Leisure Members Price
    Adult Fitness Suite £6.00 *See note below
    Junior Fitness Suite £3.45 *See note below
    Starter Programme £12.60 £9.50
    Full Programme £24.00 £18.00

    * Passport to Leisure card holders - Monday to Friday 30% reduction between 7.00am - 5.00pm
    Saturday and Sunday 30% reduction between 1.00pm and 4.00pm
    At all other times the reduction will be 10%
  • Please Note: Children under the age of 8 years will not be admitted unless accompanied in the water by a responsible adult aged 16 or over. Only 2 under 8s per adult.

    Opening and Closing Times
    Days General Swimming Adults Only 50+ Swim
    Monday 9.00am - 11.30am, 12.30-1.30pm &
    7.00-9.00am & 7.30-9.00pm* 11.30-12.30pm
    Tuesday 11.30am-1.30pm 7.00-9.00am & 6.00-9.00pm
    Wednesday 12.30-1.30 & 5.00-8.00pm 7.00-9.00am & 8.00-9.00pm 11.30-12.30pm
    Thursday 9.00-1.30pm 7.00-9.00am
    Friday 12.30-1.30 & 5.00-8.00pm
    the flume opens at 5pm
    7.00-9.00am & 8.00-9.00pm 11.30-12.30pm
    Saturday 10.45-2.30pm
    Sunday 8.00-12.00 (families only)
    12.00-2.30pm (general swimming)
    3.00 - 5.00pm (special needs Swimming)
    *Please note Ladies only on Monday 7.30 - 9.00pm – all female lifeguards cannot be guaranteed

    Opening and Closing Times
    School Instruction Aquatone Pregnant, Parent & Baby
    Monday 1.30-3.00pm
    Tuesday 9.00-11.30am & 1.30-3.00pm 11.30-12.15pm 10.00-11.00am
    Wednesday 9.00-11.30am 11.45-12.30pm (50+) 1.30-2.30pm (Aqua Natal Class)
    Thursday 1.30-3.00pm 10.00-10.45am 9.00-10.00am
    Friday 9.00-11.30am &1.30-3.00pm
    Last Ticket will be issued half an hour before the session ends. Waves and Flume will also finish half an hour before the session ends. Waves and slide subject to availability.
    Under 8s must be accompanied by a responsible adult 16 or over in and out of the water, 2 children per adult.

    We occasionally have pool parties on Sundays from 3 - 5pm; when these take place we may need to close the pool at 2pm to clean the changing rooms etc for the pool party. Please contact the site direct to check availability for general swimming if you wish to attend during this time.

    Swimming Pool £ £ PTL
    Adult Swim £4.50 £3.30
    Junior Swim £2.90 £2.10
    Family Swim (price is based on 2 adults and 3 children) £11.90 £8.40
    Under 4’s Free Free
    50+ Swim £2.60
    Group swim (min 20 swimmers - please book in advance) £2.70
    Be Active Free
  • Strokes for life Swimming Classes
    Day Class Start times
    Tuesday Ducklings 4.00pm, 4.30pm, 5.00pm
    Stage 1 4.00pm,
    Stage 2 4.30pm
    Stage 3 5.00pm
    Stage 4 5.30pm
    Stage 4 5.30pm
    Stage 5 5.30pm
    Thursday Ducklings 4.30pm
    Stage 1 4.00pm, 4.30pm, 5.00pm
    Stage 2 4.00pm, 5.30pm
    Stage 3 4.00pm, 5.00pm, 5.30pm
    Stage 4 4.30pm, 5.00pm, 5.30pm
    Stage 5 4.00pm
    Stage 5 4.30pm
    Stage 6 5.30pm
    Stage 7 4.30pm
    Stage 8 5.00pm
    Saturday Stage 1 8.00am, 9.30am, 9.30am
    Stage 2 9.00am, 9.30am, 10.00
    Stage 3 8.30am, 10.00
    Stage 4 9.30am
    Stage 5 8.30am, 9.00am
    Stage 6 9.00am
    Stage 7 8.30am
    Stage 8 9.00am

    For further information, cost or to book a place please contact the leisure centre direct.
    We advise that you book places in advance to avoid disappointment.

    Strokes Swimming Lessons
    Adult Strokes
    Monday 9.30am – 10.00am
    Tuesday 3.15pm - 4.00pm
    Thursday 3.15pm – 4.00pm
    Saturday -
    Cost Contact the centre direct for details
    Comments Pay and Play available

  • Classes and Price
    Class Price
    Aerobics & Tone £4.60
    Aquatone (daytime 50+ only) £3.60
    Aquatone (evening) £4.60
    Boxercise £4.60
    Bums,Tums & Thighs £4.60
    Circuit Training £4.60
    Core Circuit £4.60
    Toning £4.60
    Yoga £4.60
    Zumba £4.60

    Passport to Leisure card holders:
    30% reduction
    Monday - Friday between 7am - 5pm
    Saturday & Sunday between 1pm - 4pm At all other times the reduction will be 10%

    Aerobics Timetable





    10.00am - 11.00am


    11.00am – 11.45am


    6.00pm - 7.00pm

    Free Style Aerobics

    7.30pm - 8.15pm



    10.00am - 11.00am

    Circuit Training

    10.30am - 11.30am Tai Chi

    11.30am - 12.15pm


    6.00pm - 7.00pm


    7.00pm - 8.00pm

    Bums, Tums & Thighs

    7.30pm - 9.00pm

    50+ Fitness Class


    9.30am - 10.30am


    10.30am - 11.30am

    Bums, Tums & Thighs

    11.45am - 12.30pm

    Aquatone 50+

    7.15pm - 8.15pm

    Circuit Training


    9.30am - 10.30am


    9.30am - 10.15am


    10.45am - 11.45am


    10.45am - 11.30am

    Seated Yoga for the less able

    6.00pm - 7.00pm

    Bums, Tums & Thighs


    9.30am - 10.30am

    Aerobic 50+

    10.45am - 11.45am


    Saturday 1.00pm - 2.00pm Family Boxercise


    11.00am - 12 noon

    Bums, Tums & Thighs

  • Parent and Baby swimming, Tuesday 10.00 - 11.00am and Monday 2.30 - 3.00pm

  • Saturdays 3.30pm - 5.30pm
    Sundays 3.00pm - 5.00pm

    Price: £190


    • Exclusive use of the swimming pool for 1 hour with use of the waves and flume
    • Party room hire for up to 1 hour

    Party organisers will be responsible for providing their own catering and games.

    Please contact us on 0121 464 7890 for more information.

    Please note: Children under the age of 8 must not be left unattended in or out of the water. They must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult 16 years or over. Only 2 under 8's per adult.

  • Sports Clubs


    Contact Details (if run by a 3rd party organisation




    Email: combatjujitsuryu@outlook.com


    6.30pm – 8.00pm

    Karate Website http://chubukarate.com/ Thursday

    6.30pm – 8.00pm

  • Toning tables move the body to tone your muscles. The 8 different tables work on a specific area of your body, stretching and tightening your muscles without stress or strain. This stretching and tightening process results in rapid inch loss. Combined with isometric exercises and weights the table movements provide excellent muscle toning. You will not feel sore, sweaty, or tired because you are fully supported and are not fighting against gravity. There are other benefits to this form of exercise:
    • Increased circulation
    • A wider range of motion
    • Greater mobility of the joints
    • The toning machines can be less stressful than aerobics and other programs
    • Suitable form of exercise for certain disabilities
    • Ideal for people recovering from illness or surgery
    • No fancy footwear needed - just socks!

    Who can use them?
    • Anyone over the age of 18 who is not pregnant
    • People with back and joint problems
    • Older and arthritic people benefit greatly from the increased mobility that regular use of the tables can bring.

    Opening Times
    Day Times
    Monday 9.00am - 7.00pm
    Tuesday 9.00am - 8.30pm
    Wednesday 9.00am - 8.30pm
    Thursday 9.00am - 8.30pm
    Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm

    Session Type Price
    Pay & Play £5.80
  • Here at Kingstanding Leisure Centre we offer training for sport courses:

    such as:

    • National Pool Lifeguard Qualification
    • First Aid at Work
    • Training the Trainer

    All courses are run and assessed by a qualified and experienced trainer
    Attainment of these qualifications are an essential requirement to work in the Leisure Industry.

    Please call Mark Carberry on 0121 464 7890 for more details of courses, dates and prices.

  • The Be Active Scheme is a free scheme open to Birmingham residents. We are working in partnership with Birmingham Public Health to offer all Birmingham residents free swimming, group exercise classes and gym sessions at certain times at various leisure centres and parks. The scheme is currently ongoing.

    For more information about Be Active please visit contact your local Leisure Centre or visit http://beactivebirmingham.co.uk/

  • Wellbeing services offered: (all third party operators)

    - Aquarius – alcohol and drug misuse assistance, help and advice

    - MIND – mental wellbeing Service

    - Youth Inclusion Project – service to assist young people

    - Kingstanding Food Community – healthy food growing, cooking and eating training and advice

    - YMCA – young people’s group providing activities, advice and help to local young people

    - NHS Quit smoking- help and assistance to quit smoking ( to start in Jan 16)

    - Adult Education – providing free and subsidised education classes to adults

Frequently Asked Questions
    • Yes, we have a range of swimming equipment such as goggles and swimming caps you can purchase at the Leisure Centre.

    • We have a small selection of swimming items to buy on site ranging from: Goggles, Arm bands, Swimming caps, ear plugs, Beach Balls, baby swim seats.

    • If you wish to make a booking for yourself click on the button at the top of this page.
      If you already have a self service account you will be asked to sign in using your details.
      If you do not have a self service account you will be taken straight to the online bookings as a non member guest.
      Follow the instructions to make your booking.
      If you have the advanced booking option on your leisure card you will be able to book 8 days in advance and pay for the court/pitch when you arrive at the leisure centre
      If you do not have the advanced booking option you will only be able to book 7 days in advance and will be required to pay at the time of booking.

      If you wish to track your bookings (and take advantage of the advanced booking option if you have purchased this) you need a self service account. Sign up for one now.

    • If you wish to make a booking for someone else click on the button at the top of this page. You will need the leisure card number and postcode/surname of the person you are booking for.

      If you wish to track the bookings for the person you are acting on behalf of you must have a self service account. Sign up for one now.

    • No – you can make bookings up to 7 days in advance but must pay for the booking at the time you make it.
      If you wish to book up to 8 days in advance you will need the advanced booking option. An Advance Booking option can be added to a standard card or PTL card for an annual fee of £15. The Advance Booking option allows you to book courts and pitches an extra day in advance of other customers (8 days ahead, instead of 7).

    • Juniors aged 14 and 15 can use the fitness studio. They must bring proof of age and a letter of consent from their parent or guardian to the first session.
      Juniors can only use the fitness studio at certain times and at other times must be accompanied by an adult. Please contact the leisure centre for specific times.

      Alternatively the ICE gym, available at Kingsbury LC, Small Heath LC, Aston Villa FC, Hamstead Hall Community Learning Centre and Northfield Pool, is designed especially for children aged 8 – 16. All our instructors are professionally qualified and have undertaken additional specialist training to enable them to train children. All instructors are cleared via the Criminal Records Bureau.

      To use the gym, each child must complete a three stage induction process, where they will be shown how to use the equipment safely. The induction course. After that, kids can visit the gym as often as they like, paying for each visit separately. Alternatively, monthly membership is a available. Please check with your local centre for prices.

      If you have any queries about the ICE gym or about children’s fitness, please contact the leisure centre of your choice.

    • For all sports and leisure activities an adult charge will apply to anyone aged 16 years and above.

    • Please contact the leisure centre direct, if you haven't been able to find the information that you need.