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Did you know you can use the Find My Local application to find allotment sites near you or to find the name of the site that you need.

Birmingham has the largest provision of allotments of any Local Authority in the UK with 115 sites and nearly 7,000 plots. Allotment sites are located throughout the city and range in size and facilities Over 80% of our allotment sites are managed through allotment associations. The Birmingham and District Allotments Council website has a wealth of information.

Allotment gardening is vey popular and demand for plots is at its highest for several years. There is a real growth in new tenants, particularly women and those in the 20-35 age group and there is a new sense of energy and vitality out there on the plots.

If you would like to for an allotment plot, please press the Request an Allotment Plot button above. If you are an existing allotment holder you can report any maintenance that is needed via the Horticultural Maintenance Request - Allotments page.

Essential Information

  • Plot Category


    Over 65 Rate

    Mini Plot (Cat A*)



    Small (Cat A)



    Standard (Cats B/C)



    Large (Cats D/E)



    • Rent is payable on commencement of the tenancy and, thereafter, annually on 1 October.

    • Tenants over 65 receive a 50% reduction in rent. Tenants already receiving the rate before 1 October 2014 who are under 65 will still receive the rate.

    • A late payment penalty of £10 will apply if settlement of rent is not made to the Allotments Team by 9 November.

    • Some sites offer tool lockers, chalets or greenhouses for hire at a nominal charge of £1.00 per annum. Responsibility for the repair and maintenance rests with the individual plot holders.

    • You are likely to be charged a refundable deposit for your gate key, and membership of your Allotment Association also attracts a variable annual subscription.

  • 1. Conserve water, use water butts and avoid overwatering which can weaken or destroy crops. Add mulch or organic matter annually. Only use hosepipes to fill containers, not for watering crops (tenancies can be terminated where this practice is not followed)

    2. When you start your allotment don't try and do it all at once. Put bin bags over a portion of the garden to kill off any weeds and just cultivate a portion of the land that you feel comfortable with at the beginning.

    3. Dig in early. If possible, turn the soil in autumn as the winter frosts will break down the clods of soil. If not, do it in spring, but you will have to break the soil down yourself.

    4. Buy good quality seeds and plants to avoid disappointment.

    5. For the best crops, do your research and know when to plant! Your local library will have books that can help.

    6. With non-storable crops such as lettuce, it is best to plant a little but often, say one row at a time to avoid waste.

    7. Be sure to thin crops out as they grow to avoid clustering. This will result in better quality plants.

    8. Pick crops quickly, early and often. Enjoy the food whilst it's fresh. You'll enjoy it so much more and it will help you to keep your enthusiasm.

    9. Tackle problems promptly. The worst thing you can do is leave a problem. There is help available; speak to the Allotment Secretary or Allotment Liaison Officer who will be only too happy to help.

    10. Be green!! Compost green material and kitchen waste, such as egg shells and potato peelings, in the bin at your allotment. It's better for the environment than burning it and the compost is great for your plants as well.

    Above all remember; allotment gardening is fun, it's healthy and it's a great way to meet people. So the most important thing is to enjoy your allotment.

  •  Email: allotments@birmingham.gov.uk

Frequently Asked Questions
    • Category A* or M (Mini plot ) - up to 100 sq yds
      Category A (Small) - 101-200 sq yds
      Category B or C (Standard) - 201-400 sq yds
      Category D or E (Large) - 401-600 sq yds

    • Yes. The Birmingham and District Allotments Confederation. More information can be found on the The Birmingham and District Allotments Confederation website.

    • If you have an Association, you can contact your Site Secretary who will ask you to complete a simple form to terminate your tenancy. This is then sent to the Allotments Team to update the records

      If your allotment/plot is on a site run by Birmingham City Council, please use the online form to notify us directly.

      Any gate keys should be returned to the site, and any personal belongings should be removed from the plot as soon as possible.

    • Other plotholders have a wealth of knowledge that they would be willing to share with fellow plotholders.

    • Hosepipes are only permitted to fill water containers. Tenants must not water crops directly from a hosepipe. If you are found doing so, you can lose your tenancy.

    • Yes, bonfires are permitted on allotments/plots. However, there are strict rules regarding bonfires which must be adhered to.

      Allotment Rule 6.2 Bonfires are only permitted during the months of March and November for the burning of diseased plant material. Fires should not be allowed to cause a nuisance to neighbouring residents and under no circumstances should be left unattended. Where local circumstances necessitate, bonfires may not be permitted at any time.

    • Yes. However, any proposal to site hives on an allotment plot must be agreed in advance with the Allotment Association.

      Beekeepers must have public liability insurance and be a member of the National Bee Keepers Association.

    • Yes. However, the husbandry conditions laid down by the City Council must be observed. For further information, please download the document provided.

    • The City Council is unable to assist plot holders to remove rubbish inherited from previous tenants.

      Many associations do arrange skip hire on a communal basis for plot holders. It is normally the tenants responsibility to remove rubbish to a suitable amenity facility ( For instance rubbish tip) Find My Local

      Where possible, tenants should compost any plant materials. Our "How to make" guide can be downloaded from the attachment section.

    • You are allowed to erect:

      A shed (maximum dimensions 10’ x 8’) and either

      A greenhouse (maximum dimensions 10’ x 8’) or

      A polytunnel (maximum dimensions 20’ x 10’)

      Polytunnels must be agreed in advance with the Allotments Association.

      More information on permitted structures can be found as a download in the attachments section.

    • Waiting lists vary from site to site and you can be on more than one waiting list.

    • Plot size depends on what is available on each site and varies city wide.

    • The Tenancy Agreement is the legally binding document that has to be signed before you can take on a plot.

      The Tenancy Agreement is renewed automatically once rent is paid each October.

      Tenancy Agreements can only be assigned to one person. Due to the legalities of taking on a plot, we can only recognise one tenant, however, you can bring on friends and family to work the plot with you but it is advisable to inform the Allotment Association of any arrangements.

    • If your chosen site has an Association, you will need to either go to the site to register your interest, or you will be provided with the contact phone number of the Site Secretary if it is available. Or please fill in the form by pressing the Request an Allotment Plot button above.

      If your chosen site is Departmental (i.e. all lettings are completed by the City), a member of the Service will contact you to arrange a suitable time to meet on the site, or will take your details to add to the waiting list.

    • Please use the Find My Local application to find your nearest allotment.

    • There are currently 114 sites offering over 7,000 plots, but availability is limited.

    • Yes, you can be on more than one waiting list.

    • If you haven't been able to find the information that you need then the link below will take you to a form that you can use to ask us further questions.

      Service Specific Enquiry