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Community Infrastructure Levy

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New regulations governing Section 106 agreements, published in 2010, allows councils to adopt a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), if they wish to.

The CIL is a new mechanism to secure funding contributions towards the future infrastructure needed to help our city to grow. We can, but we are not required to, adopt a CIL on most types of new development in our area. This will significantly change the way we collect planning obligation funding in the future, particularly for the provision of necessary infrastructure (e.g. traffic calming measures, children’s play facilities).

Charges will be based on a cost per square metre on net development. The CIL will not apply to developments less than 100sqm. It should not be set at such a level that it risks the delivery of the Birmingham Development Plan (the plan for Birmingham until 2031), and should be based on the financial viability of development in Birmingham. Once approved, the CIL becomes a mandatory charge.

We must follow a statutory process to adopt the CIL, and the second stage is the publication of our Draft Charging Schedule. We hope to publish this in late spring or early summer 2014 and will update this page with the relevant dates once they're finalised.

In the meantime, you can view our Preliminary Draft Consultation for the CIL. This was the first stage in a statutory process towards adopting a CIL and was an opportunity for you to comment on our draft charges. This first stage consultation has now closed while we consider your responses. Comments can be viewed below.

If you would like to talk to someone about the CIL, please email or call her on 0121 303 4820.

We have also consulted on different ways the City can achieve its future housing and employment needs as part of the -Birmingham Development Plan.

Document Status : Draft Policy Document - Consultation responses under consideration

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Last Updated : 6th February 2014