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Bristol Street & St Lukes Development Framework

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The Bristol Street & St Luke's Development Framework was prepared as the Council's vision and framework to guide the development of sites on Bristol Street and within the St Luke's estate. It builds on the aspirations for the site set out in the Big City Plan.

The framework will be used to make sure that future detailed development proposals for the sites meet the needs of the area which include:

  • New homes of a mixed size, type and tenure, including affordable housing
  • A remodelling and improvement of Public Open Space, as part of a new development to include new facilities and the re-provision of a football pitch
  • Opportunities for mixed-use development and landmark buildings on Bristol Street/Belgrave Middleway
  • Keeping the best trees and planting more
  • Potential to reuse St Luke's Church and elements of the Highgate Centre

The Framework is attached below along with a map showing the area it covers. It was approved for use as informal planning guidance in January 2014.

Document Status :Non Statutory Planning Guidance Approved January 2014

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Last Updated : 23rd January 2014