Noticeboard: 17 September 2021

This week's Noticeboard includes recordings and presentations from recent webinars, a webinar about managed moves taking place on 30th September, information about the Commonwealth Games mascot visiting schools and more.

Included in this update:

Recordings and presentations from webinars

A reminder that the recordings and presentations from all webinars held for schools are available on the council's website at this link.

This includes the webinars on ventilation, part-time timetables and vaccinations for 12-15 year olds that have taken place this week.

Managed move webinar for schools: Thursday 30th September 2pm-3pm

Steve Parton, Exclusions Coordinator, will be hosting a webinar for schools on the managed moves process.

The webinar will take place on Teams on Thursday 30th September 2pm – 3pm. To book a place, please use this Eventbrite link and a Teams link will be sent to you ahead of the session.

The webinar will be recorded and the slides presented will be shared with all schools along with the recording.

Commonwealth Games mascot school visits

Perry, the official mascot of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will be visiting primary schools in Birmingham and the West Midlands region through the 21-22 school year. Each visit will teach pupils about the Games and the importance of inclusivity through an entertaining 30 minute assembly with Perry the Bull.

Applications for visits are open until 31st October, T+Cs apply. For more information please visit

Summer term free school meal vouchers

Following the recent free school meal voucher code distribution, we have now made available to schools on Perspective a report which will show voucher codes redeemed and not redeemed.  Please can you use this report to identify parents who have yet to redeem their vouchers and then encourage them to redeem the vouchers as soon as possible, as they will not be able to convert them to vouchers beyond 30th September 2021.

Please note, the redemption report from Sodexo is as at 14th September 2021, you may find some voucher codes marked as ‘Ready’ have now been redeemed.

We had a small number of queries from parents over the summer holiday period, we have now contacted schools to resolve these queries please can you ensure outstanding summer FSM queries are resolved.  Please can any responses or queries be emailed by 24th September 2021, emails received after this date may not be actioned in time to resolve before the redemption deadline.

Accessing Redemption report

You will now be able to find your school’s redemption report via Perspective (Lite), the online system we usually use as a local authority to securely distribute attainment data to all schools within Birmingham. 

To log in to your Perspective Lite account visit:

Perspective has a built in forgotten password feature, the user name will be your school’s URN number (Ofsted reference).

Please navigate to ‘LA Documents’ and Select folder ‘FSM Vouchers’, from here you will be able to download report for Reception to Year 14 called ‘R-Y14RedeemedReport140921’ and Early Years called ‘EYRedeemedReport140921’

Vouchers marked as ‘Dispatched’ have been claimed, vouchers marked as ‘Ready’ have yet to be redeemed online by parents. If a voucher is marked as ‘Not Known’ we do not currently have a redemption status for this voucher.

Returning unused voucher codes

Please note we will not be accepting any additional voucher requests as the deadline has now passed, if you have unused voucher codes please can the voucher codes be returned by completing this Reception to Year 14 Online form.

To return unused Early Years voucher codes please e-mail, please only return cheque number of the voucher code. (NO VALIDATION CODES, PLEASE)


For queries regarding downloading the vouchers from Perspective or about the number of vouchers allocated for Reception to Year 14, please contact

For queries related to Early Years voucher codes allocation, please contact

Statutory Autumn 2021 Phonics Year 2 check

Please see DfE guidance for Phonics Year 2 check on the following link:

The website has now being updated, see section 'Local Guidance' regarding the statutory collection for Phonics Year 2. Further updates will be provided on how to submit your return. Any queries please e-mail

Early Career Teachers – Appropriate Body and Deadline Reminder

Schools may still opt to use the Local Authority as their appropriate body. This service is run by Services For Education on behalf of the LA. The deadline to register new ECT’s (or new NQT’s to your school) is Thursday 23rd September 2021. All ECT’s must be registered with an Appropriate Body. We look forward to working with schools again this year.

ECT/NQT Team – Services For Education -

Invitation to join the Services For Education Moderation Teams 2021-22 – KS1 & KS2

This is to invite formal applications to become a Services For Education Teacher Moderator for Key Stage 1 statutory teacher assessments or Key Stage 2 statutory TA writing assessments in 2022. Services For Education, School Support Service, work on behalf of Birmingham Local Authority to organise, manage and deliver statutory assessment duty for KS1 and KS2. The local authority has a responsibility to conduct moderation of teacher judgements in at least 25% of its schools and settings each year and in at least 25% of those academies and free schools that choose Birmingham as their moderation provider.

Moderation in Birmingham
KS1: For us in Birmingham this usually means at least a half day visit to moderate teacher assessment of reading, writing and mathematics in approximately 80 schools each year. In 2021-22, the visits will take place in June and be completed before the date when data must be submitted to the LA Data and Intelligence Team.

KS2: For us in Birmingham this usually means at least a half day visit to moderate a sample of teacher assessments for writing in approximately 80 schools each year. In 2021-22, the visits will take place in June and must be completed before the national data submission deadline to the Primary Assessment Gateway.SFE moderation teams are composed of practitioners and advisers, and we anticipate recruiting a very small number of additional teacher moderators to join the KS1 and KS2 teams for 2021-22. Each moderator will be asked to visit between 6 and 8 schools. However, the number of schools can be negotiated with you and your Head Teacher to ensure we do not ask you to be out of school too much at this important time of year. For most teacher moderators time out of school will be approximately 5-6 days including attendance at training and review meetings.

The Standards and Testing Agency (STA) have determined that we ensure our quality assurance processes are rigorous and robust, and to that end each moderator will be required to successfully complete a standardisation exercise as well as an interview conducted by a panel which includes a serving Head teacher and the moderation manager.

Contact email address

Treasure Packs for 3-4 year olds – 2021/2022 school year

If you have a nursery intake or are providing childcare including home education for 3-4yr olds during 2021-2022 academic year you can now place your order for your Bookstart club.

Ordering and Delivery Timeline: Sep-Oct delivery is Nov - Nov-Dec delivery is Jan - Jan-Feb delivery is Mar - Mar-Apr delivery is May - May to Jul – subject to availability Click Link for Childminder and Nurseries posters

If you’re not sure what Bookstart is or what you get in your Treasure Pack, you can find out more at:  - If you have any questions email:

Developing Mathematicians To Achieve Greater Depth at End of KS1 – Tuesday 28th September 2021: 13.00 – 16.00

Deciding whether a pupil is at the ‘Expected Standard’ or ‘Greater Depth’ is a big responsibility. This is an especially heavy burden for year 2 teachers who have to make ‘Teacher Assessment’ judgements on all pupils in their class for maths. This half day course will help you firstly, to be sure that you are offering a curriculum that allows pupils to achieve Greater Depth, and secondly, it will also help you to make those judgements with confidence. This course is a must if you teach year 2 and want support in standing by your Greater Depth judgements.



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