Update for schools: 14 June 2021

This update includes today's government announcement of enhanced support for the city.

Covid-19: Birmingham listed as enhanced response area

With Covid cases rising in Birmingham, the government has today announced enhanced support for the city, focussed on increasing vaccination take-up, testing and support for those self-isolating.

Over the next few weeks there will be surge vaccination in 15 wards with the lowest take-up and highest Covid rates, along with greater walk-in capacity at vaccination sites.

More information about this announcement is available on the council’s website at this link. The council has asked a number of things of government to help us reduce case rates which include:

  • Pilot of vaccination of SEND children aged 12yrs and above not in residential care
  • Pilot of vaccination of school children, starting with 15-19yrs cohort and work down so that students are vaccinated before returning home for school holidays.
  • PCR kits for schools and universities.

We will provide schools with more information about this as soon as it is available.

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