Update for schools: 21 August 2020

This update includes a reminder about submitting KS4 and KS5 results, a reminder to community and VC schools to return their risk assessment, the declaration of conformity required from all schools, the updated Public Health flowchart and more.

COVID-19: Statement from the leaders of the seven metropolitan councils across the West Midlands

The statement issued yesterday is available on the council’s website at this link. The councils are continuing to work together and have a collective confidence in the measures each area has in place – ensuring everything possible is being done to keep on top of the threat, which has not diminished since the onset of the pandemic.

The leaders’ statement yesterday followed a statement issued by the Leader of the Council, Cllr Ian Ward, on Wednesday in which he urged everyone to pull together to ensure the city tackles the threat posed by rising coronavirus case numbers. Please ensure the message to remain vigilant is shared with your wider school communities.

REMINDER – Please can you submit your Key stage 4 and 5 results

If you have already submitted your school’s results please ignore this message.

We would be grateful if secondary schools can share KS4 and KS5 school-level data with BCC in line with current government recommendations (https://www.gov.uk/government/news/statement-from-roger-taylor-chair-ofqual).  This will help us to understand the impact of the revised process for this year.

The local authority is working closely with DfE around gradings, so it is really important that we have this information to enable us to support you where you have issues with students’ grading. Please can you complete the document attached and return it to educationdata@birmingham.gov.uk at so we can provide a city-picture as soon as possible.

Risk assessment for full reopening September 2020. Return required from community and voluntary controlled schools. 

We require a risk assessment from all community and voluntary controlled schools prior to start of term and ideally by 26th August 2020. The risk assessment will be reviewed by our Safety Services team and feedback will be provided. Thank you to the 50 schools who have submitted their risk assessments to us to date.

The council’s risk assessment document has continued to be updated over the summer in line with national or council updates. We hope you have found the risk assessment useful when you have been planning for  reopening. The latest version of the risk assessment template was published on 7th August 2020 and we suggest all schools review Section 19 in particular on contingency plans for a school outbreak or local lockdown.

For those schools are yet to return a risk assessment, please ensure that the template is fully completed. Please ensure that for each risk the following is provided:

  • both a score and RAG rating for current and final risk rating (before and after control measures are in place), columns 2 and 6
  • identification of whether the control measures are in place e.g. Yes/No/NA, column 4
  • any additional comments, column 5

Information on the scoring matrix is provided on p2-3 of the risk assessment. For any further queries or to return your school’s completed risk assessment, please email edsi.enquiries@birmingham.gov.uk.

Declaration of Conformity for full reopening in September 2020. Return required from all schools and academies.

All schools (including academies) are required to submit a declaration of conformity to confirm that a risk assessment has been undertaken and an accompanying action plan is in place. Please find an updated version of this declaration here. Please return this declaration to us (email to edsi.enquiries@birmingham.gov.uk) as soon as possible but ideally by 26th August 2020.

This declaration is also required from schools who have sent a completed risk assessment.

Public Health flowchart

The Public Health flowchart for schools on the council website has been updated. The change in the latest flowchart includes clarification that household members and the bubble should self-isolate from the onset of symptoms which is in line with government and NHS guidance

Model safeguarding policy

The model safeguarding policy has been updated and is available on the council website at this link. This model policy has been designed to be adapted by Head Teachers/Principals and governing bodies to reflect the ethos of your own school or education setting.

Contact in case of queries: SSI@birmingham.gov.uk

Easter free school meals: Final reminder

It’s parents’ last chance to redeem their eCheque and order their Free School Meals eVoucher for the two weeks in April when Birmingham City Council arranged vouchers through Sodexo.

Birmingham City Council and Sodexo have extended the two weeks of Free School Meal eCheques until 30th August 2020. Recipients will need to make their redemptions prior to this date before their eCheque expires.

We've put together some useful resources to help make it easier to communicate to your parents & guardians about the Birmingham scheme, such as downloadable pdf guides. You can find them all on the new 'School & Local Authority Toolkit'.

As well as the Toolkit there's a 'Parent & Guardian Helpsite' with assets like an instructional video and FAQs, to help them use their two weeks of Free School Meals eCheque and supermarket eVouchers. If there are any queries about this, please email educationdata@birmingham.gov.uk  

Education Naturally – a solution for teaching in a Covid 19 world

Birmingham City Council is leading a programme which is looking to maximise the benefits of green spaces across the city. Education is a key area for us and we are keen to support schools in exploring how they could use outdoor space (either on your own grounds or in a local green space) for learning. We are fully supported by BCC’s Education team who are working closely with our green spaces team.

We’ve put together a video to help explain some more about our programme of work – see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuBslx5rUms&feature=youtu.be  

We plan to host an online discussion at 1600 on Monday 7th September 2020 using Zoom to share more information about what is possible for schools in Birmingham now and answer your questions about our Education Naturally Programme Pilot. You can register your interest here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/naturally-birmingham-education-outside-the-classroom-tickets-117330838697

Pls contact Debbie Needle on futureparks@bosf.org.uk if you would like any more information.

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