19 December 2019

This week's Noticeboard includes a message from Tim O'Neill, information about hygiene following the recent cases of Norovirus in the region, the consultation on proposed admission arrangements, published admissions number and the coordinated scheme and m

Included in this update:

Message from Tim O'Neill

Dear colleagues

As 2019 draws to a close I’d like to thank everyone working in Birmingham schools for their efforts over the last year and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I have particularly enjoyed my visits to schools and would like to thank you all for the invites and welcome. I’m looking forward to ending the year with a visit to Lindsworth School later today and will be visiting as many schools as I can in 2020 so please do keep the invites coming!

Thanks also to the schools who have been working on the draft Relationships and Sex Education toolkit that is currently being piloted. The Council has been clear about its commitment to equalities teaching and we hope this toolkit will be welcomed by schools when it is formally launched during the spring term. I look forward to sharing more information about this toolkit with you in the new year but have been very encouraged by the initial feedback we’ve received from schools and partners about it.

The Unicef Rights Respecting Schools programme continues to go from strength to strength in Birmingham and the celebration event at the Rep in July was a particular highlight of my year. Congratulations to Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Wyndcliffe Primary School, Somerville Primary School, Chilcote Primary School and Nelson Mandela Primary School who achieved Gold this year. Special mention to Goodway Nursery School who were the first nursery in Birmingham and only the second in the UK to achieve Gold and Longwill School for Deaf Children who were the first special school in Birmingham to achieve Gold. We have also been informed by Unicef that more Gold schools are due to be announced early in the new year. 

Thank you again for everything you do for the children and young people in Birmingham. I hope you have a very well-deserved rest over the festive period and I look forward to continuing to work with you in 2020.

Best wishes


Dr Tim O’Neill
Director Education and Skills

Hygiene and Handwashing

Please find a letter for Headteachers from Dr Tim O’Neill - Director Education and Skills, and Dr Justin Varney - Director of Public Health, following the high levels of Norovirus that have been seen across the West Midlands this year.

Consultation on Proposed Admission Arrangements, Published Admissions Numbers and Coordinated Scheme

Birmingham City Council are consulting on its Proposed Admissions Arrangements, Published Admissions Numbers for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools and its Coordinated Admissions Scheme for Schools for the 2021/2022 Academic Year and these can be viewed here.

This consultation will run from 16 December 2019 until 27 January 2020.

Any comments on the proposed admission arrangements, coordinated admissions scheme and published admissions numbers should be made by using this link. 

Fair Access Criteria

It is nearing the end of term and the Fair Access Team would like to say thank you for your help and support with placing children.  We have been asked to send a reminder out to you all about the criteria in which you can send a referral to us under the Fair Access Protocol, see below.  We must re-iterate that children that are Looked After, are in Receipt of an Education Health Care Plan and are already on roll at a school will not qualify under the Fair Access Protocol.

Fair Access Code Fair Access Criteria
A Children with challenging behaviour, who have been referred to Fair Access by a governing body, that has refused admission outside the normal admissions round, even though places are available; where the school has a particularly high proportion of children with challenging behaviour and/or previously excluded children;
B Children from the criminal justice system or Pupil referral Units, who needs to be reintegrated into a mainstream school;
C Children who have been out of education for two months or more;
D Children of Gypsies, Roma, Travellers, refugees and asylum seekers;
E Children who are homeless;
F Children with unsupportive family backgrounds for whom a place has not been sought;
G Children who are carers;
H Children with special educational needs, disabilities or medical conditions, (but without a statement or Education Health and Care Plan);
I Children who have not been able to secure a school place under the normal arrangements within a reasonable distance of their home address.  The definition of reasonableness is 6000m for Primary children and 7000m for Secondary children, but this is a maximum and will be subject to local circumstances;
J Children returning from Elective Home Education;
K Children with no school place as a result of an illegal school being closed;

Updated 3rd Quarter Pupil Premium Allocations 2019/20

The Department for Education has updated the schools 2019/20 pupil premium allocations for the children looked-after data return (SSDA903) as set out in paragraph 10 of Pupil Premium Conditions of Grant 2019 to 2020.  This update may have an impact on some schools’ allocations where LAC children have been identified and recorded in the return, therefore changing your 2019 to 2020 pupil premium allocations.

The notification of this revised allocation has been published on the Birmingham City Council website and may be accessed via the following link:
Revised and Final Pupil Premium allocation 2019/20

Payments to Full Chequebook schools for Quarter 3 will reflect any changes to allocations.

Contact - fairfunding@birmingham.gov.uk

Early Help and Safeguarding Newsletter

A new edition of the Education Safeguarding Team's newsletter is now available via this link

Contact - EducationSafeguarding@birmingham.gov.uk

SEND Newsletter

The December edition of the Birmingham SEND newsletter is available via this link.

Estimated meter readings

 To minimise the need for estimations and to ensure correct billing, please submit your gas and electricity meter readings regularly.

To find out how you can submit your meter readings and view tips on how to reduce high consumption during school holidays visit the Birmingham Education Support Services website by clicking this link

Behaviour and Mental Health Briefings

We are really excited to launch our first behaviour briefings in the new year!

Get the latest information about Social Emotional and Mental Health needs and behaviour in schools. Join us for a breakfast meeting to:

* Hear from Erin Dochery (Forward Thinking Birmingham) about emotional wellbeing versus mental health - and when to make a referral

* Find out 40 strategies to improve engagement with parents

* Understand the rules and restrictions of reduced timetables for pupils

* Meet other SENCOs and school leaders

Briefings will be held at 8am to 10am at the following venues:
15th January 2020- Becketts Farm
17th January 2020- Hollyfields

Find out more information and book your place via our website.

Spring Term 2020 Training for schools

BCC Spring term 2020 training courses for schools provided by our BCC Education Support Services:

Fire Marshal Training - 07 Jan
Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (Requalification – 2 Day) - 08 & 09 Jan
Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work – (3 Day) 10, 15& 16 Jan
Training for Primary school staff on Harmful Sexual Behaviour - 13 Jan
Food Safety Online- Level 2 - 13 Jan
Training for Secondary school staff on Harmful Sexual Behaviour -13 Jan
HR Portal Form Raiser Training - 14 Jan
(MIDAS) Minibus Driving (Refresher) - 14 Jan
Dangers of the DAESH Inspired Extremism - 14 Jan
Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) Training -15 Jan
Birmingham UNICEF RRSA Achieving Bronze - 15 Jan
Fire Marshal Training - 15 Jan
School Aged Violence Education - 15 Jan
Customer Care for General Assistants - 20 Jan
Training for Secondary school staff on Harmful Sexual Behaviour - 21 Jan
Equipping Duty Holders in Schools to Manage Risks Better - 22 Jan
Educational Visits Co-ordinator Training - 22 Jan
FAST-track to Attendance & Case Study Workshop - 22 Jan
(MIDAS)Minibus Driving (FULL) - 23 Jan
Educational Visits Co-ordinator Training - Revalidation - 24 Jan
Induction Training for New School Governors -25 Jan
FREE - Clean Air Cops - 29 Jan
Analyse School Performance  -  29 Jan
Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP) -30 Jan
Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Northfield (Spring Term 2020) -  31 Jan

Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Erdington (Spring Term 2020) - 03 Feb
Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Hodge Hill (Spring Term 2020) - 04 Feb
Risk Assessment Training - 04 Feb
Fire Marshal Training - 04 Feb
Allergen Awareness Training - 4 Feb
Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Perry Barr (Spring Term 2020) - 05 Feb
Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Special Schools (Spring Term 2020) - 06 Feb
School Site Safety (2 Day)  - 6th & 7th Feb
Safeguarding Role of the Governing Board - 06 Feb
Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Sutton Coldfield (Spring Term 2020) - 10 Feb
Food Safety Online- Level 2 - 10 Feb
Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Selly Oak (Spring Term 2020) - 11 Feb
(MIDAS) Minibus Driving (Refresher) - 11 Feb
FREE - Road Stars - 11 Feb
Health and Safety Refresher for General Assistants - 11 Feb
Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Hall Green (Spring Term 2020) -12 Feb
Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) Training - 12 Feb
(MIDAS)Minibus Driving (FULL) - 12 Feb
Dangers of drugs and substance abuse in young people - 12 Feb
Fire Marshal Training - 12 Feb
School Aged Violence Education - 12 Feb
Complaints Management for governors and clerks - 12 Feb
Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Yardley (Spring Term 2020) - 13 Feb
Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid - 13 Feb
OFSTED - Creating a Culture of Safeguarding - Prevent in Education + QA - 13 Feb
Health and Safety for Catering Supervisors - 17 Feb
Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work(3 Day)  - 17, 18 & 20 Feb
Health and Safety for Catering Supervisors - 18 Feb
Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (Requalification - 2 Day) - 18 & 20 Feb
Menus Development, Food Standards and Supplier Engagement - 20 Feb
COSHH/ Manual Handling Refresher Training -21 Feb
Duty Holder Training - 25 Feb
Dangers of XFR Extremism - 25 Feb
Induction Training for New School Governors - 29 Feb

View our full calendar of training & events here

Clean Air Cops

Air pollution affects everyone in Birmingham, but especially children.  Transport is responsible for around 80% of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and the school gate is a location where we are particularly exposed to this.

Find out how your school staff can understand the importance of having clean air, how it affects our health and what the school can do to help make the air cleaner.  Visit the link

Birmingham Civic Society's Next Generation Awards for Birmingham Secondary Schools

The Next Generation Awards Scheme is recruiting Birmingham Secondary Schools again to take place in their FREE Citizenship programme for KS3.

The Birmingham Civic Society has been running the scheme for the past fifteen years and over 32, 600 pupils have participated since the programme began and we would be very keen to involve more Birmingham Secondary Schools. 

This year we commissioned a fantastic video to showcase the success of the Elderly Explore project from Turves Green Girls’ School, the winner of our 2018 Next Generation Awards.  The project was devised by three pupils to combat social isolation in the elderly community in their area and the tea parties in school for their elderly neighbours, with food, games and singing, have proven a great success.  The impact that the project has had for the pupils involved, the school and the community has been wonderful and it is hoped that this video will encourage other schools to develop similar active citizenship projects across the city.

The award scheme is aimed at groups of pupils aged 11 to 14, and is an assessed project-based programme designed to meet many of the requirements of the Key Stage 3 Citizenship Curriculum.  The scheme asks pupils to work in teams to identify issues and trends affecting people in their community.  They conduct research and develop proposals for actions that would improve some aspect of life in the future.  They present their proposals to an assessment panel and compete for Gold, Silver or Bronze awards.
All Pupils that take part in the scheme receive individual certificates for their achievement.  Each participating school is presented with a plaque, detailing the quantity of awards achieved by the school, and a selection of the best projects compete for the overall city championship, which is presented by the Lord Mayor at a ceremony each October.  The winning team receives the Newman Prize of up to £1500 and will receive mentoring support via Enactus of Aston University to get their community action projects off to a flying start.

The scheme is FULLY RESOURCED and FREE to all Birmingham Secondary Schools so please do get in touch and help your pupils to work towards developing community action projects that will make a real difference to our communities.

For more information and to request the resources contact Jo Dunlop on 07740 444 617 or email: nextgenerationawards@googlemail.com



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