Summer Reading Challenge 2020 - Laughter is the best medicine

Celebrating funny books, happiness and laughter

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This year, the Summer Reading Challenge’s Silly Squad is celebrating funny books, happiness and laughter. I hope you are having an enjoyable time reading lots of funny books that make you giggle and laugh out loud. I too like to read funny books. If you happen to read a funny book on your train or bus journey, you could easily forget that there are other people around and laugh out loud. This has happened to me. It’s great when you get a few people smiling back at you.

I think reading funny books or doing funny things that make you and others laugh is brilliant! I agree with medical science that happiness and humour can improve your brain and wellbeing.

During the coronavirus lockdown, silly walking has re-emerged to become popular on social media People all around the world got involved, making others laugh. Did you know that laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals that promotes an overall sense of well-being?

Silly walking is for people of all ages and is good fun. You could create your own silly walking competition with your family and have lots of fun and laughter. Whoever does the silliest walk wins.

Here at the Children’s Library, we have come up with Top 10 Silly Walks that you could try.

  1. Skip and Twirl on tip toe
  2. Waddle like a penguin
  3. Hop like a kangaroo
  4. Kicking stride
  5. Walk like a crab, sideways
  6. 3 steps forward, 2 steps back
  7. Moonwalk like Michael Jackson
  8. Walk on your hands, upside down
  9. Star Jump
  10. Shuffle jump

I am sure you can come up with some great silly walks of your own


Article posted 21 July 2020

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