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Application to Join an Existing Council Tenancy

If you live, or are planning to live, with someone who is a council tenant - and they give their permission - then your name can be added to their tenancy and you can become a joint tenant. You can do this by filling in this form.

The form will take about 10 minutes to fill in. Please have the tenant's rent account number close to hand when you fill in this form. You can find the number on their rent book.

When you have filled in this form, your details will automatically be forwarded to your local housing office. We also need you and the person who is the council tenant to sign a copy of the form and post it to the same housing office. You can do this by printing and signing the confirmation page which appears when you have filled in this form.

We aim to respond to your application within 10 working days.

Not all applications for joint tenancy will be granted.

If you want to find out more about joint tenancy, follow the information link below.

More information about joint tenancy

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