WMGP apprenticeships grant

Who can apply for a WMGP apprenticeships grant

If you are a Cannock Chase based business, you can apply for an apprenticeship grant.

You do not have to submit a full WMGP project proposal or create any full-time jobs to qualify for an apprenticeship grant.

The apprenticeship grant is designed for those employers that do not meet the current WMGP criteria (requiring project spend and full-time job creation) but are nevertheless growing their business through the recruitment of a future generation of employees, that is to say, apprentices.

You can only claim for the apprenticeship grant if you recruit an apprentice after you receive your WMGP grant application approval. You cannot claim for a grant if you recruited an apprentice before your application was approved.

How many apprentices you can recruit

You are not allowed to claim for multiple apprenticeships.

We can only award one apprenticeship grant of £2,000 per company.

How to apply for an apprenticeship grant

To apply for a grant, you will need to request a WMGP application form by email: wmgp@birmingham.gov.uk and complete the relevant sections of the form.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • background information about your company
  • how the apprentice will support the growth of the business
  • some financial information to enable us to carry out due diligence

The sections that you need to complete are outlined in the guidance notes and the application form.  You do not need to complete the whole application form.

How to draw down on the apprenticeship grant

The £2,000 grant will be paid to you in two stages.

Stage 1

A payment of £500 will be paid to each apprentice recruited after your WMGP grant application is approved and you have submitted your evidence, that is to say, payroll extract/signed job offer acceptance letter

Stage 2

A second stage payment of £1,500 will be paid three months later, when we receive further evidence of continued employment, that is to say, a payroll extract.

Match funding towards the cost of employing an apprentice

If you are a Cannock Chase based business and you are looking for grant funding towards the cost of employing an apprentice, match is desirable but not mandatory.

At the time of your application, we will need evidence that you have the funds to pay the apprentice's salary.

If you are awarded the grant, to evidence match, you will need to provide proof of salary for the apprentice across a three-month period.

Page last updated: 7 June 2024

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