Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Coronavirus remains a serious health risk. It’s important to stay cautious and help protect yourself and others. Please continue to follow national government advice.

What kind of projects will we fund?

We can make grants to most types of community activity or elements including:

  • Core costs/essential running costs
  • Revenue costs
  • Small capital costs – any small capital project must demonstrate a plan for their ongoing maintenance. The relevant council department will be consulted on any maintenance plans to provide assurance that the plan is robust.
  • New projects
  • Existing projects
  • One-off initiatives

Where the estimated total cost of a small capital contract is at or below £10,000 three written quotations must be secured from contractors listed on the database who the Authorised Recipient considers are suitable. If the Authorised Recipient is unable to secure the submission of 3 written quotations, then the Authorised Recipient shall record the reasons and proceed with a single quotation.

Funding must be used to provide additionality which may include project specific costs, such as staff time, operational and small capital expenditure, or to supplement ‘business as usual’ activities which have been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19.

Please do not submit speculative bids without first reading the criteria or submit a request to fund ongoing activities that do not provide additionality.

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