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Possible change of school place for Children in Care

There is a clear link between the movement of children in care and their educational outcomes (Rees Centre for Research, September 2015).

For example, there are natural transitional moves such as; moving from pre-school/early years to primary school, primary to secondary school and from secondary school to further education.

There are also unexpected moves such as;

  • care placement breakdown (with the possibility that the child is placed in another location meaning a change of school is required),
  • managed moves (formal agreement between two schools, a child and his parents/carers. It allows a child at risk of permanent exclusion to transfer to another school for a trial period and possibly being educated at the new placement permanently).

Social workers, carers, IROs, Designated Teachers, and the Virtual School should work together around care planning to avoid unexpected school moves unless absolutely necessary.

If a school move is agreed and this is outside of the normal admission round (aged 4 and 11)

We ask social workers to make urgent contact with your Virtual School Advisor/Area Education Officer or Placement Officer by completing the contact us form to discuss actions/interventions and necessary, transition planning.

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