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Who has authority about the school the child or young person should attend?

The placement plan should make clear who has the authority to make decisions about which school a looked after child should attend.

If the child’s permanence plan is for them to return home, then their parents should be involved in deciding which school they should attend, because ultimately, they will be living together.

Even if the plan is for a child to remain in a long-term placement, their parents retain parental responsibility and should be consulted about choice of school.

However, if there is a care order the local authority decides whether it is in the best interests of the child to consult his or her parents.

School choices should be made in consultation with the virtual school placement officers.

Parents and local authorities can delegate decision making to foster carers. However, due to the long-term impact decisions about school admission, the social worker must coordinate the admissions application in consultation with foster carers and parents.

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