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Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies

Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies  (BCAT) is a charitable organisation that can deliver arts therapy in art, drama, music, and play. They usually run a programme of 12 sessions for those who are referred, and the referrer can choose which area of the arts their young person is most interested in, which is used as a medium for the therapeutic work.

This has been successful for young people of all ages but may, in particular, be an option to consider for those with limited English Language, and for younger LAC who require a more practical approach to therapeutic interventions.

Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies - Birmingham Virtual School brochure

Find out more about BCAT.

To find out more about the work that Birmingham Virtual School does with BCAT and enquire about how they can support a child or young person you work with, please contact your BVS adviser or email BirminghamVirtualSchool@birmingham.gov.uk, to be connected with the right person.

This support is accessed via a referral service and can be discussed and actioned via the PEP.