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A number of children in care experience or have experienced instability, loss and all have experienced separation.

This instability and the results of attachment and trauma difficulty can affect young peoples behaviour; their ability to regulate their emotions; and it can take a long time for them to trust the adult relationships around them.

As such, it is important as part of their recovery from these experiences and it an important safeguarding factor preventing further risk of rejection, marginalization; or exploitation; that wherever possible children and young people in care are enabled to remain with a school, even if they make mistakes or their behaviour warrants exclusion (in line with the schools behaviour policy).

It is therefore a policy widely accepted for Birmingham children in care that schools and education settings do not permanently exclude them and that schools seek advice and support, so alternative actions and solutions can be agreed.

If a child has been excluded or there is a risk of it, you must contact Birmingham Virtual School by email immediately.

Our first step will be to review the PEP or EPP with you and the school or education and training provider to make sure the right procedures have been followed and the right support has been put in place.

Further support will then be agreed to avoid continued escalation and possible risk of permanent exclusion.