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What is Govroam? | Govroam – the public sector’s free network access roaming service | Birmingham City Council

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What is Govroam?

Govroam is an abbreviated term for government roaming. It is a national network access roaming service available via the government's G-Cloud Framework.

The service provides public sector staff with free, secure and reliable wi-fi connectivity at any participating public sector site across the UK. Essentially it has been designed to reduce the overheads of offering and using seamless guest connectivity provided by other public organisations, making off-site connectivity simple.

Govroam also has the potential to transform the way public sector professionals work together. It saves time, increases productivity and cuts costs, whilst encouraging a collaborative culture across public sector organisations, with shared spaces and resources instead of traditionally siloed working practices.

Birmingham City Council is working in partnership with Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust, the NHS govroam lead organisation for the west midlands.

From 18 January 2021, the council is Govroam enabled and able to offer to extend secure wi-fi access for public sector staff, at sites across the city.