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Remember your password! | General IT guidance | Birmingham City Council

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Remember your password!

As your computer stores and provides access to a lot of sensitive and important data, it is important that you can access and keep your account safe.

It is therefore important that you have a password that you can easily remember. This is because forgotten passwords cannot be reset remotely by the Service Desk – instead you will have the inconvenience of taking your computer to the Lancaster Circus office to log onto the council network using a cable.

However, if you want to change your password to something more memorable, you can do so by:

  • pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Delete buttons together on your key board. 
  • selecting the ‘Change a Password’ option (you will firstly need to enter your existing password in order to reset it to a new one). 
  • lock and unlock your laptop after resetting your password.

If you have forgotten your password please contact the IT&D Service Desk via the IT&D Portal

Password guide

Password Reset Request Form – keeping your contact number up to date

When requesting a password reset, it is essential that the IT&D Service Desk have an up to date record of your current contact phone number in order to contact you and deal with your request.  

If you have forgotten your password, you will not be able to log in and access the online IT&D Portal yourself, so your manager or another nominated password reset requestor will need to complete a password reset request form on your behalf.

If they do not update your contact details with your current home working contact number, the IT&D Service Desk will not be able to contact you to reset your password.

The password reset request form has been updated with a reminder message for your manager, or a nominated person requesting the password reset on your behalf, to ensure that your contact number record is correct at the point of logging the request.

Please therefore ensure that the person requesting the password reset on your behalf has your current contact phone number whilst you’re working from home.

Password reset 

  • Please ensure that you set passwords that you find easily memorable, as there is no technical way of remotely resetting forgotten passwords unless users are directly connected to the network.
  • If the cached (stored)* password on your computer does not match your ADDM (Active Directory) Netmotion password, you will not be able to access the council network. The cache is a smaller and faster computer memory, which stores copies of data from frequently used main memory locations, enabling faster data retrieval.
  • A 90 day password reset policy is in place and when resetting your password you should follow the important good practice information in the password guide
  • It is therefore important that you have a password that you can easily remember and is changed before it expires. To help, you’ll get a pop up message before your password expires, every time you log on until you’ve changed it. At any time, to see when your password’s due to expire, look under ‘technical information’ on your desktop.