Eating well

Eating a variety of foods and maintaining a healthy balanced diet is recommended in order to support your immune system. It can improve your mental and physical well-being. We realise that making healthy food choices for you and your family can be a challenge at the best of times, but during lockdown this can feel even more difficult.

Having a healthy diet means eating a variety of different foods to get a wide range of nutrients and achieve a balanced diet. There is information on healthy foods and eating well at Change4Life and NHS Live Well.

For more personalised advice, then BBC Good Food offers a breakdown of the food types that different groups of people should be trying to eat to maintain a healthy diet.

Healthy eating is always important but with increased time at home it may be something you want to focus on more. You may have longer to spend cooking and planning meals. There are lots of healthy eating tips available to support you to help you eat healthily during coronavirus. Now could be a good time to try out new recipes and foods. Cooking can be a great activity to teach children something new and keep them entertained. There are a range of resources around cooking and healthy eating available for children e.g. Food a Fact of Life.

You may notice that you’ve been tucking into the biscuit tin more often than usual or find yourself snacking or comfort eating. You could try changing some of your snacks to more healthy options. There are lots of tasty healthy snacks for adults and kids to explore. To snack healthier, you can also follow the British Nutrition Foundations tips. Now could also be a good time to make some small achievable changes in your eating habits.

Although the risk of catching COVID-19 from food is very low, like always when cooking we should maintain good hygiene practices for example washing our hands frequently.

For frequently asked questions around food and coronavirus see The British Dietetic Association (BDA).

It is important to remember that a healthy diet will not prevent a person from getting COVID-19. Immune boosting supplements are not advised by the British Nutrition Foundation.

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