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PPE requests | Health and safety – Guidance for managers | Birmingham City Council

PPE requests

Guidance on how to request Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) (for those in a non-care environment)

In line with the National Guidance the council has created a set of guidance on providing PPE to a range of front line services.

Prior to requesting PPE, Service Managers are required to complete a risk assessment and, if applicable, a PPE Service Review Form both of which must be signed off by the Assistant Director and Business Continuity Group. The steps are outlined in the PPE process map.

There are 4 steps to request PPE

Step 1

Review service delivery model and consider how the service is delivered and whether changes can me made to the way in which the service is delivered in order to minimise social contact and risk

Step 2

Carry out service level risk assessment, using the risk assessment template and review the new service delivery model to assess whether the service can be delivered safely and to identify activities where there is a potential requirement for PPE. If the risk assessment has identified a need for PPE complete Step 3.

Step 3

Complete the PPE Service Request Form and send this form along with the completed risk assessment to your manager and Assistant Director for sign off.

Step 4

Following approval from the Assistant Director the next step is to submit the forms to the Business Continuity Group (BCG) for review and prioritisation by the Health & Welfare lead. Subject to BCG approval the PPE team will contact your Directorate PPE Lead to submit an order for the PPE.

You can email the PPE team if you have any queries: ppestock@birmingham.gov.uk.

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