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Managing leave and absence | Birmingham City Council

Managing leave and absence

What managers can do to help

This isn’t a normal work from home situation, it is an emergency situation where we are required to be at home during lockdown of a pandemic. Our priority is to save lives.

Managers should be familiar with this employee guidance, and should consider the impact of working in the current situation, particularly with regard to the potential impact on their employees.

As part of our business continuity planning, we should all be supporting more flexible working patterns, including home working.

It is important that you have ensured that all members of the team know how they can work remotely.

IT&D has created a range of online technical advice and guidance to support remote working, which can be accessed here, and there is also further information on the ModernWorkplaceHub.

Managers should support employees who are caring/self-isolating, to work as flexibly as possible, including outside of normal working hours - potentially working evenings and weekends.

Managers must agree the hours that an employee can reasonably work, given other caring commitments, and ensure regular contact with employees as well as when and how this contact will be maintained.

It is important that employees do maintain a record of the hours they have worked, and ensure they maintain their wellbeing, further advice has been provided on this.

A template is provided for this purpose for employees without access to Borer time recording. Note that we are requesting Borer to be configured to allow employees to record hours working from home over a 24/7 period. It is important that employees ensure that they use the web clocking facility to record hours in Borer.

Timesheet template
Minute to decimal conversion timetable

It is also important that you have thought through how employees who cannot deliver their role home working can be deployed from home to support other areas of the business.

This should be worked through within your directorate as part of the directorate business continuity planning.

Where employees are on site, reinforce the clean desk policy.

This is essential to enable our cleaning employees to clean down the desk areas regularly.

We are asking all managers to enforce this strictly to make our workplaces safer.

We must also reduce sharing of desks during and seek to allocate employees to use the same operating area/vehicles to minimise risk of cross-contamination.

Where a family member dies due to COVID-19, managers should show empathy and compassion to support the employee.

Any death of a family member is devastating, but particularly where we are in social distancing, as this will impact on organising funeral arrangements and trying to console each other.

Further guidance is provided in the ‘Health & Wellbeing’ section of this document.

Please also review our Compassionate Leave guidance and policy.

Process maps for reporting absence