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Booking system | Re-opening of council offices | Birmingham City Council

Booking system

As you’ll be aware, due to increasing COVID cases, the government has announced a second national lockdown from Thursday, 5 November.

Regrettably, we must once again – from 5pm on Wednesday 4 November – close both Woodcock Street and the Council House. Those of you who have chosen to meet or work in those locations are now asked to work from home instead, using virtual Teams Meetings wherever possible. At this stage, we anticipate both buildings will be closed until the New Year. We will, however, continue to operate our emergency response services from Lancaster Circus – as we did during the previous lockdown (so there is no change for those of you who have been working from there). Further updates will follow in due course.

Previous guidance (not currently applicable)

We have developed a booking system to enable those of you who choose to work or meet in an office environment to use a simple on-line process to do this. The booking times available will be between 7:30am and 6:30pm. The introduction of this new booking system is designed to ensure we don’t have too many people inside the building at any one time and importantly, so that we know who is in the building on any given day. This will enable us to respond quickly to any track and trace situation should anyone who attends be diagnosed as having Coronavirus.

Important information

Unless it has been agreed for you to have a fixed desk for medical or other reasons you MUST pre-book a space and not just turn up at the building. Those of you have already spoken to your manager about requiring a fixed desk will be contacted separately over the next week. Desk space cannot be block booked, nor can groups of desks be booked together. Desk booking can only be done by the individual as of course it is a personal choice as to whether this opportunity feels right for you.

If you are considering booking, please remember the following health and safety checklist - as you’ll be asked to confirm your understanding and agreement if you go onto book:

  • Ensure you don’t currently have any symptoms by using the NHS website
  • Discuss this opportunity with your manager as part of lone working and personal safety
  • Remember it’s a different operating model and you may be sitting anywhere in the building, so ensure you familiarise yourself with the floor plans
  • Think about your safe travel to and from the building, and if this involves public transport ensure you have masks and hand gel that you can take with you. Further advice can be found on GOV.UK website.
  • You will need to ensure you take your own laptop with you and know how to connect this to the WIFI in the building. This is to ensure you are only touching your own equipment, again for your own safety.
  • Telephone handsets on desks MUST NOT BE USED under any circumstances as these are utilised for connectivity of other colleagues, if you intend to have telephone conversations you must use Teams functionality or your mobile phone.
  • If you book a space and then develop symptoms of Coronavirus, ensure you DO NOT attend. Cancel your space via the booking confirmation email provided when you book