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Documents to support decisions relating to COVID-19 | Staff finance guidance | Birmingham City Council

Documents to support decisions relating to COVID-19

The council has declared an Emergency and Major Incident in relation to COVID-19. 

During this time all decisions taken in relation to this incident are being logged.

This must include recording the financial impact of those decisions.

Financial control remains in place to ensure value for money including adhering to the Emergency and Major Incident governance arrangements.

All spend related to COVID-19 should be coded to the appropriate finance code (as supplied by Finance) in Voyager, so that it can be fully tracked, recorded and reported.

This note provides guidance and a reporting template is provided for the Financial approval process in place for the Emergency and Major Incident.

  1. Each Director is required to provide a brief report to the Strategic Cell to explain the financial implications arising as a result of implementing Business Continuity Plans and National Government Directives for which the Local Authority has no choice. The estimated financial impact will then be logged in the Emergency and Major Incident log and a finance tracker.
  2. Officers are required to submit a brief report to the Strategic Group for approval for all other decisions where there is a choice to commit the local authority to additional spending that:
    1. support wider initiatives to limit the impact of COVID-19; or
    2. have options around the level of additional spend

If requests for additional spending that are made through Tactical Cell, Work  Cells, Business Continuity and Business and Economic Recovery Groups can be endorsed by those forums, but financial commitments must be approved by the Strategic Cell and will be required to submit a brief report.

All spend will be monitored and reported weekly by Finance to the Strategic Cell.

Decision report to Support Financial Approval