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Sample risk assessment template | Covid-19 Health and safety | Birmingham City Council

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Sample risk assessment template

We have developed a sample risk assessment to support managers reviewing the risk of Covid-19 infection for vulnerable employees and for the workplace.

Sample risk assessment

The sample risk assessment form is intended to assist managers in meeting their legal obligation to protect the health safety and welfare of employees by assessing and managing risks in relation to Coronavirus in the workplace.

The sample assessment covers the working environment - particularly for indoor environments such as offices, contact centres, operation rooms and similar workplaces and has been developed in line with the government guidance on Coronavirus – COVID-19:

Additional individual risk assessments are needed for individual employees who have any factor which places them at higher risk or in a vulnerable category and for all factors, consideration must be given to adjustments for any employees with any protected characteristics.

Additional role-based risk assessments may be needed over and above the workplace assessments where the nature of work is impacted by the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

In this extraordinary circumstance, general principles of risk assessment still apply – it is critical that staff and managers work together to agree an approach. 

Consider the following:

  • Combat risks at source
  • Take advantage of technology wherever possible
  • Prioritise controls that protect the greatest number of people
  • Consider what procedures may need to be created
  • Consider PPE as a last resort
  • Consult those that will be affected (service user / staff delivering the service)
  • Review your assessment and the control measures with other similar services or other local authorities
  • Ensure that you monitor the effectiveness of controls

It is important to remember that these considerations should be in addition to existing risk assessment control measures and should form a key part of business continuity plans. You will need to formalise such assessments and ensure there is Trade Union consultation, and results are communicated to employees and, where appropriate, service users.

All building requests will need to be approved by both Building Management and the Joint Business Continuity / Facilities/Health and Welfare Cell to ensure that adequate checks have been completed before they reopen.

In addition, managers should review any individual risk assessments, and contact staff to discuss any necessary changes where appropriate. Occupational Health and Safety will be able to provide support where required, further support, in the form of e-learning (Risk Management 2019)

Once managers have drafted the risk assessments, these should be reviewed by the Head of Service. Once approved by the Joint Cell, each directorate will arrange a special Trade Union meeting to consult on risk assessments prior to developing the final version, which will be posted, by Heads of Service, to a dedicated web page for staff to view them.

The final version should be sent to the Webteam (webteam@birmingham.gov.uk) with the subject ‘COVID-19 Service Area Risk Assessment’, with the directorate and service area included in the body of the email.

Once uploaded, the risk assessment will be hosted on the COVID-19 Staff Guidance web page under the ‘Health and Safety’ section.’