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Protocol for home visits | Covid-19 Health and safety | Birmingham City Council

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Protocol for home visits

Individual service areas will have guidance for specific situations and client groups and risk assessments for this activity.

In general, if an employee is due to make a home visit to a citizen/household who are in self-isolation, they should ascertain whether or not anyone in the house has shown symptoms of coronavirus (as per current PHE guidance), e.g. call the resident/tenant to identify symptoms related to COVID-19.

If everyone in the house has shown no symptoms then service critical visits may go ahead as normal, whilst following PHE guidance on social distancing good hand and respiratory hygiene. If anyone in the household is symptomatic, then:

  • Avoid any physical contact with the person, if you can – maintain social distancing of 2 metres. The person should remain in the room with the door closed. Belongings and waste with which they have come into contact should remain in the room;
  • Advise anyone with you not to enter the room. If a travel or clinical history still needs to be obtained or completed, do this by phoning the patient in the room;
  • Ask the patient or their representative to call NHS 111 from their room;
  • Inform your manager so that a full risk assessment can be undertaken with an infection control specialist to decide the next course of action.