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Staying safe – specific circumstances | Covid-19 Health and safety | Birmingham City Council

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Staying safe – specific circumstances

I provide care in people’s homes; how do I stay safe?

Each client needs to be risk assessed, and this work will be ongoing as the situation changes; appropriate safe working practices need to be adopted including social distancing and good hygiene wherever possible. PPE which is in short supply, and should only utilised where there is an identified, significant risk. Additional PPE has been ordered, and will be delivered where there is a priority need, based on public health guidance on scenarios that require PPE.

I am a security guard in a building; how do I stay safe?

As your daily contact with individuals is usually for only a few minutes at a time, and visitors should be less and less whilst observing social distancing guidance, you should continue with your usual duties. If you have concerns talk to your line manager.

I am a front-line refuse worker/housing operative; how do I stay safe?

Management are working with staff and regional waste management networks to agree an approach, following guidance on appropriate risk assessment. Employees should practice social distancing where possible and minimise interactions whilst maintaining good hygiene. Additional PPE has been ordered and will be delivered where there is a priority need, based on public health guidance on scenarios that require PPE.

I need to commute to work as a key/critical worker; how do I stay safe?

It is important to stay safe and vigilant whilst travelling, and you should talk to your line manager if you have any queries or concerns. Conversations are occurring to utilise car parks closer to the buildings that may be required to remain open. It has been agreed with WM Police that Birmingham City Council identity badges will be sufficient (in the short term) whilst moving around the city for key worker roles, we will also provide letters for staff where required. Staff may choose to use their own vehicles whilst car parking charges are waived for key/critical workers.

I am a lone worker visiting vacated council buildings; how do I stay safe?

Speak to you manager about a risk assessment and options for support as the particular hazards associated to the task that you are carrying out should be considered and appropriate control measures made clear. It is recommended that you ensure colleagues are made aware of your schedule, and in particular, develop a plan of action should that schedule be disrupted for some reason. Whilst a significant number of staff are home based currently, consider the potential to arrange to call a colleague when you reach your destination and stay on the line whilst conducting the site visit. Remember that control measures should include a consideration of the need to achieve social distancing when conducting visits. Your risk assessment should detail what actions to take if you are on site and have any concerns. 

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