Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Coronavirus remains a serious health risk. It’s important to stay cautious and help protect yourself and others. Please continue to follow national government advice.

Wellbeing during COVID-19

Check out the latest wellbeing advice for Birmingham during COVID-19.

Birmingham City Council wants colleagues to thrive and flourish in these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By listening to colleagues, the health and wellbeing survey June 2020 results and through discussions with colleagues have highlighted that some feel worried about the financial impact, miss hugging our loved ones, feel unsafe working from home and experiencing domestic abuse, living through bereavement, finding it challenging as a working carer, and feeling anxious from the unknown.

It's okay to feel like this, and what’s important is recognising the ups and downs of life and find coping mechanisms that work for you.

This could include journaling and writing down your feelings, getting fresh air and be amongst greenery, schedule breaks from meetings and visits to recharge, practice mindfulness, eating healthy nutritious foods, having better sleeping habits, or being more physically active.

Being more intentional with our self-care may help us function and feel better.

For colleagues who would like to explore what could work for them, get advice and support with their health and wellbeing, all colleagues have access free of charge to the 4 pillars of support, of which details are in the health and wellbeing support guide.

The first step is recognising and noticing what doesn’t feel right, maybe writing these feelings down, and if they prolong, do you feel able to talk to someone and/or can you access support.

Taking that vital first step and contacting support can help us to thrive rather than survive.

It is important for all employees to support each other and to do the best for our citizens to enable the council to continue to deliver as many of the key services as possible. 

The ongoing commitment and support of fit and well employees to maintain these services during this time is essential.

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