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Employees that do not have technology to work from home | Covid-19 Working from home | Birmingham City Council

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Employees that do not have technology to work from home

If the employee’s role is such that working from home is not possible (because of little or no ICT, or involves tasks that cannot be carried out from home), then in such instances staff will be expected to be available to work in alternative roles, otherwise they remain at home during the period of lockdown without having to register this as sick leave or special leave, and without any impact on their contractual pay.  

However, in such instances it is expected that a discussion will take place with their manager about work activities a staff member could complete from home. Each service area/team business continuity plan will have critical activities and you should refer to this and talk to your manager about tasks you can complete. Where staff unreasonably refuse to work this may be considered a disciplinary matter. 

All managers must ensure that staff are only required to travel for business-critical and key/critical worker activity. 

Directorates have identified key / critical workers, and these staff will be prioritised for access to IT kit, whilst supplies are awaited. This is necessary to keep the organisation going.

Bring Your Own Device - or BYOD – has now been introduced to enable staff to access the council’s Office 365 applications including email accounts, Teams and Yammer by downloading the apps to their own personal device.

There is also useful guidance on how to connect with no access to broadband.

Staff having difficulties with IT access should report issues in the usual way, either  online via the  IT&D Portal or by phoning the IT&D Service Desk. Further online advice is available